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Wednesday, December 06, 2006 : Guess who's back?

Mike says:
Yes, I'm back to blogging after more than a month on the books.
Sorry to those readers who aren't used to the 1337 language my cousin uses... I know you're not used to seeing leet stuff on my blog, but what to do? My cousin is teh pwnz queenXorZx..
Oh and sorry also for the lack of updating my cousin had been doing.

She, unlike I has a life...

Anyway I'm back to blogging and taking a damn well deserved break from life.
Life as I know it has come to a stand still and I don't give a damn.

Will I be getting a job this holiday? No.
Will I be touching any books or anything attatched to paper this holiday? No.
Will I be going off to college in January? "College"? WTF IS THAT?!
Will I be blogging more? This one's a definite yes.

Ok, so I've been out from blogging in a helluva long time and if there are any readers who read this blog because you care about what's happening in my life, y'know instead of the occasional retarded post here and there, let me start my comeback by giving you people my month in review.


Ok first of all, I'd like to voice my frustration at a certain entertaining football team.

Arsenal play very fluid attacking football, very attractive pass & play and have a good defensive record.
Not to mention the team's a chocload of star quality too.

"You, over there in the stands! STFU"

We (We being Arsenal, not we being me and my balls in a nutshell) have proudly beaten Manchester United and Liverpool this season.
And quite comfortably, in that.

Adebayor FTW!



Anyway, back to my life.

At the beginning of the month, my school had informed us, the students, about their brilliant idea to have a graduation day... on the last day of the week before SPM starts.

Oh good Lord!

You see, the definition of a graduation in my opinion, along with everybody else's, is a student's last ever time setting foot into school...
Well, I'm supposed to sit for my exam the next week so it's not much of a graduation, is it?

Smart asses like the school's headmistress think of everything.

But as we were supposed to wear formal clothes to school for once, instead of our gay-looking uniform, everybody happily obliged because this would be the one day to show everybody else how much style they have.

The three stooges were outnumbered and outclassed on this very day...

Yes, and the fact we were going to wear graduation gowns and mortar boards was also quite a tempting attraction.
Of course, every good thought we had of wearing oversized robes and a square plank on our head were quickly put to sleep when we started feeling the heat- it was pretty damn hot in there with no fans, let alone air conditioning.

The graduating class clowns of 2006

But I guess the day was pretty memorable, to say the least.
Well, not in the sense that I got to see alot of sweaty chicks drenched in sweat, but the fact that I remember that day as the day that I felt alot of gas in my stomache, but somehow could not fart. Period.

It's not that I didn't want to fart because I would be humiliated if I did. Believe me, at that time I wouldn't have given a flying fuck if everybody stared at me, the farting idiot in the corner, but the truth of it all was, I couldn't fart... and that's it.
How uncomfortable do you think that is?

Well if you must know the full story, I did fart in the end. Just not on that day.
Exactly! I didn't fucking fart, or shit, that whole day!
Only in the early hours of the next morning did I let all the fumes out of my cannister. And boy, was my seefuttloong painful after that.


Later during the month, exam pressure hit me like a bloody dictionary over the top of my head.
So hard, in fact, that if you compiled my stress into a container, it would explode.

Uh huh. But SPM's shit.
I study so damn hard eight hours a day on topics that I assume would come out and would be tough to answer. The next day, they ask me stuff that I didn't study, but are easy to answer.

But that's still okay.

That was for math, physics and chemistry.
When it came to biology, I thought I had it in the bag since y'know bio was always my strong subject for science so a little light reading here and there and I would've thought that I covered everything that I needed to cover.
Oh how damn wrong I was.

Now I'll be happy if I even got a B for biology. Bi-o-fucking-logy.


On a brighter note though, I've come to a self-explained conclusion on how the pressure gets to you, depending on your gender.

For the ladies, it's almost as if they have permanent PMS.
Irritate them a lil bit and they'll shoot your head off with a damn AK-47.

Woman under stress= Ugly militant lady + AK-47

Well, not all. But most. If you're not like that, then congratulations, you're minority.
Oh how I hope that my future employer won't be a woman.
I'm not sexist; I'm just scared. Scared out of my quivering scrotum.

For the guys, however, we seem to go a little bit crazy as if we were high on weed and drunk on absinthe or something.

Beware the green fairy that is absinthe...

We tend to do things we've never done before after hitting the books.

For example, I never did like listening to Light n' Easy.
But for about half an hour, I think, hitz.fm was going a little crazy so I tuned in to Light n' Easy and even sang along to Hotel California, not Dani California, and Celine Dion.

...but this is my opinion. If you object, feel free to.
But I warn you, call my anything similar to the term "sexist pig" and I'll burn your house, and every other jamban in a 5km radius.
You don't believe, you try.


After the SPM was over, I happily returned to being a normal slacker again.
I watched the latest 007 and I'm pretty happy to say that Daniel Craig is probably one of the best Bonds yet.

Anyway, I'll be blogging more often so... you readers, come back to mikedotorg.blogspot, where entrtainment is number one!

Oh and by the way, here's something to attract you guys to come. It's a possible list of the next few things I'll blog about.
- Mike and Chiak's birthday bash 2006
- More MDO Viva La Mike
- SMKDU prom night 2006
- A For-Men-Only exclusive post on the hottest chicks around... within your grasp.

So stay tuned ;)
By the way, I'm back..


Anonymous cheng said...

lol..welcome back

December 08, 2006 3:42 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

thanks =)

December 09, 2006 1:04 PM  

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