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Tuesday, February 28, 2006 : Double Visions
Mike says:
What's the big deal with the Tammy NYP clip anyway? It's probably the most boring piece of porn I've ever laid my eyes on, except for maybe Paris Hilton's nightvision bore fest...
Btw, I thought I'd warn you guys in advance that I may not be updating my blog after this Friday because of my first term examinations which, btw, are fucked up thanks to my school principle.

On the 26th of November, me and my mates took a trip to Clearwater Sanctuary in Ipoh. We fooled around with the camera and by accident, MKland managed to take a pic of me in a plain but very interesting pose.

Fast forward 3 months later, and I see this on Nike Football's page...

Like, daym man. I'm not being vain or anything but DUDE.

Maybe sepparated they look different because we're facing opposite directions, but it's not so different when you put them together. For God's sake check out my head's angle, the hairstyle, the smile and the damn name on the jersey.

I haven't seen anything as cliche as this since the time I saw the Cristiano Ronaldo miniature that looks exactly like me. Freaking scary, dude...

I admit, there are days when I feel very vain or narcissistic but these pics are not totally bent to my preference. If you don't believe I took the first pic in November, check out my hair. It's permed!!



Thursday, February 23, 2006 : Hectic February Weekend, Part 2: Malaysian Traditions Awareness Day
Mike says:
Omg! I just scored one of the nicest goals ever on Thursday.. It was during school's PE period, and I took a loose ball on the half volley with my outside foot a couple of yards out from goal and it swerved beautifully towards the top corner. Totally unsavable. In my opinion, it bares a replicable resemblance to
Michael Ballack's goal against AC Milan in the Champions League match just the day before. Man, am I proud of it.
FYI, most of the goals I score are from tap-ins and solo runs so this trully is something special for me....

Before I begin, I would like all of you to know that this entry lacks pictures but I promise to post them up in another entry as soon as I get them. Promise.
Get ready for another long and excrutiating entry...

This is the day I've been looking forward to. The damn day itself that gave me headaches and made me lose sleep just so I could entertain a hundred people for that one day. Just one day after my team's excrutiating ownage in the RSC In-House Tourney, I had to model, perform a Malay wedding and manage the games at the Malaysian Traditions Awareness Day.

So Saturday had passed and Sunday began. For the second time that week, I was forced to wake up at 6 on a weekend morning. I dragged my lazy ass out of bed, washed up and struggled to put on my clothes. After finally snapping out of my groggy, sleepy, half-dead state, I realised that it wasn't a school day and I was wearing my school uniform...


After that mess, I ran downstairs, packed my bag and phoned the taxi to pick me up from my place. After that taxi had come, I jumped in and went to Chiak's place first to pick him up. Next stop, KDU.

We reached at approximately 7.20, late by 20 minutes then got screwed for 10 minutes. By then, we were struggling to set up the games. The sugar paper wasn't enough to make a hopscotch floor and the bamboos aquired were too big to do the alu-alu dance. I guess we had to scrap that and move on to the next games.

We only got one set of batu seremban, one gasing and one congkak board. The marbles were all over the place. The bottle caps were far too big to timbang. Furthermore, three out of seven games stall managers couldn't make it. It then hit me that the games were doomed to failure and poor ol' Seng Yau had come for nothing.

We proceeded to practice for the Malay Wedding , where I dressed like a complete idiot ROYALTY. Luckily though, Chiak couldn't escape dressing similarly.

Here are some photos we took of us in our costumes.

Chiak and I acting 'hip' with our costumes.

The bride's maid and the best man.

Our Prime Minister has a vision. A vision for the country. A vision that will be achieved by the year 2020... bla bla bla

Nothing shows the bond better between the king and his PM.

From there, we moved on to the final full-dress rehearsal, the fashion show.

The time was now 10 o' clock and the rehearsal was over. Chiak and I took a peek outside and saw at least a few dozen people waiting to enter. This was not good as people were going to see us dressed stupidly. No worries though, we were inside and at least we wouldn't have to stand any name-calling because of our costumes. Right?

"The people taking part in all three wedding performances please gather outside now!" boomed Nikki, the Leo Club president.

Like, damn... here come the teasing.

"Wah! Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Yang Dipertuan Agong Tun Sri Michael Tan!"
"Ampun Tuanku!"
"Where's the Puteri Gunung Ledang?"
"Sultan Selangor and his Perdana Menteri!"
"Political themed performace?"

Half an hour later, the people were ushered inside. Thank God for that.

The first event was a Hindustan Tamil sexy Bollywood dance performed by a troupe lead by the one and only Han Mei.
After that came the wedding performances. First up was the Indian wedding staring no other than my ex, then came the Chinese wedding and finally the Malay wedding.

Everyone was ready to enter, myself, my bride Sen Ming, Chiak, Sabrina, the kompang group and some extras.
We entered to the dozens of people staring and damnit, I knew this would've been the longest walk of my life. Well, at least I had the comfort of having my best friend as my best man fanning me and playing kuli to me as I walked towards the stage.

We reached the stage and Sen Ming, Sabrina, Chiak and I ascended up onto the stage towards two chairs for Sen Ming and I to sit our asses down and stare cock at the hundred people staring cock back at us , uh... sit down and chill.
To complete our performance, two VIPs took stage to 'bless the wedding' and pronounce us husband and wife.

After that, the four of us went backstage where Chiak and I ran for the changing room to change our clothes. I couldn't possibly wear my Sultan costume for the fashion show so I changed my clothes to a blue Malay traditional outfit provided by Sabrina, that needed Chiak's clothes' golden buttons and his songkok.

The next events came quick as lightning. There was the Malay traditional dance, then the Sarawakian bamboo dance performance, then the Wushu martial-arts demonstration.
Next thing I knew, I was waiting for my queue to walk the catwalk in my Malay costume.

After that, I didn't stick along any longer for the next events because nature was calling and walked out of the hall.
Btw, nature was calling me from my stomache and not my bladder.

Me and Seng Yau recieved a lift from my cousin, Sharon, who was there, to McDonalds in Uptown to meet up with some other friends for lunch. And that's how the event ended for me.

After that, we walked back to KDU to find that there were people packed at every single store except the games stalls. I was initially supposed to stay at KDU for the whole day but the games were a failure so there was no more reason for me to stay. So then I decided to follow Chiak and his classmates to Atria leaving the whole Malaysian Tradition's Awareness Day event behind.

I guess I'm kindda relieved the games ended up as a failure because if not, I would be pulling my hair out from my armpits instead of chilling and lepaking with my friends at Atria.

So at the end of it all, it was pretty much an eventful day. All that stress was for nothing.


Sunday, February 19, 2006 : Hectic February Weekend, Part 1: RSC In-House Tournament
Mike says:
This is gonna be the first part of two REALLY long posts so I suggest you fix yourself one hot cup of coffee before settling down to read this blog entry. The next one would come on Friday.

Ok before I start on the RSC 7-a-side tournament, I gotta let you know that I was too lazy to carry around my camera forgot to bring my camera. So the pictures I'm putting here are either pre-taken photos or photos taken courtesy of RSC.

Let's take a walk through time, to December 2002.
It's the first RSC In-House Tournament held. The U-14 teams, named after La Liga clubs were a bit biased. For one, there were teams that were packed with good players, like Barcelona, Valencia and Real Sociedad.
Then there were teams that were packed with no good players at all like Deportivo and Real Madrid.

Yes, I was the keeper....

I was grouped in Real Sociedad together with the speedy winger with a powerful finish- Bryan (kneeling row, 2nd from left), the creative playmaker with the best passing ability- Zahir (standing row, far right), the quickest striker with the coolest finishing- Vimal (kneeling row, fourth from right) and the all-round maestro- Ravind (kneeling row, 2nd from right).
We went into this competition as one of the three favourites to win, with our heads hanging high, our noses in the air and our balls hanging loosely...

Well, I think it's safe to say that we were overconfident and ended up having our balls cut off, losing our first game 1-0 to Real Madrid thanks to my goalkeeping blunder. Then we went on to lose 4-0 against Barcelona, then 0-0 against Depor. In the end we won 3-1 against Valencia thanks to an inspired Bryan (who scored a hattrick), but the inspiration came too late.

We came in as favourites and went out as turkeys..

Fast forward 13 months, it's January 2005.
This time, I was involved in the U-19 category, named after EPL teams.
Once again, the teams were bias and once again I was in the 'favourite' team, Arsenal.

Since I was the Arsenal fan, I insisted on holding the sign...

This time around, we had the big ang moh guy- Daniel (standing row, fourth from left), the other big ang moh guy- Alex (standing row, fifth from left), the best all-rounded defender- Gary (kneeling row, second from left), the RSC senior team's last man- Ben (standing row, third from right) and Australia's Malaysian keeper- Jason (kneeling row, middle).
Once again, we went into this competition as favourites. Once again, our big men had trouble scoring goals, with one goal in 3 games, and once again we go knocked out, but this time without even a W.
Every single one of us went home thinking what the hell just happened; it's as if we just got drugged and got butt-fucked all night long.

Cheers though, to Chelsea who came in as the weakest side but ended up as champions.

Back to the present, 13 months after the 2nd RSC In-House Tourney.
This would've been my last time playing in RSC because of the SPM examination at the end of the year, and my second time playing the U-19 category, this time with Chelsea.

Although grouped with the senior team's best player- JB, the U-19's best shot taker- Anwar and trickster extraordinaire- Arthur, there were no favourites this time.
Anyway, since I had already stopped RSC and was here to support my teammates, I didn't expect to play much.

The first game kicked off. It was Arsenal vs Chelsea. We came back from a goal down to make it 2-2 at half time. Early in the second half, we conceded a third, making it 3-2. I came in with 5 minutes left on the clock and at this rate, with our possession, it actually seemed that we were the dominant team. Eventually the inevidable happened, we got a penalty.

This was to be the last kick of the game and who else to take it but JB. What's the worst that could happen, right? Arsenal's keeper wasn't present that day so they couldn't possibly stop JB's penalty.
So he stepped up, took it and had it saved by Kavilan!


KAVILAN! A player known to be fast, good in the air and good with his finish but NOT WITH HIS GOALKEEPING, saved JB's penalty.

The game ended 3-2.

The next game was between Man Utd and Liverpool. I do not wish to go into any specifics, except that Akbar, RSC's senior team 'keeper, couldn't stop Liverpool from rampaging into a 7-3 lead. Man Utd, did however, pull 3 goals back.

Our next game was against Liverpool.

Furthermore, to have any hope of playing the finals, we had to win this one.
Sounds like pressure to me...

So the game kicked off and we took the lead through JB.
I didn't play, of course, so while waiting on the lines, thoughts like "Hey, I CAN make it this year..." kept running through my mind...
That was where I was wrong, as always.
They ran rampage and scored 5 bloody goals past us!!!

We scored another 2 goals but with 3 minutes left on the clock, I highly doubted we could score twice to salvage any last bit of hope we had left of reaching the finals.
I came in for JB at that time, during a corner, and the ball went straight at me but it took a deflection off Adnan and reached Arthur, who passed it to Adrian who crossed for Sheagan (pronounced Show-ghen) to tuck in. 5-4.
Unfortunately, we couldn't score one more, meaning our next game against Man Utd was just for saving face.

I came on when the game was held at 2-2.
In this game, I managed to get slightly more game time and got my 5 minutes of glory when I collected a lofted ball from JB, held off Ranil while bringing the ball down, rounded off Akbar and tucked blasted SMASHED the ball into the net (V.Nistelrooy / Drogba / Eto'o / C. Ronaldo style) to make it 3-2.

Damn! It felt good to finally score in the competition. I reeled off in delight and slid on both knees in the middle of the field.

My trademark goal celebration, "NESCAFE!!!"

But as I mentioned, the glory only lasted for 5 minutes and JB soon started yelling at me for not passing the ball. I was eventually subbed off and we conceded 2 goals to lose 4-3. Altogether, out of 160 minutes in total of game time, I think I only played about half an hour to 45 minutes, but as I mentioned earlier I didn't expect to play much.

In the end, as expected, Liverpool went on to win the U-19 category and lift the cup.
Congrats to them.
For the third time, the team I played for went home without reachng the finals...
At least the scoring duct had been broken and at least my goal drought in the tourney had been ended.
Other than that, I think it's safe to say that we got owned... big time...

Damn right, Obi Wan!



Friday, February 17, 2006 : How to Lose A Reader in One Post....
Mike says:
OMG! There's a freaking hectic schedule that awaits my weekend. Tomorrow (Saturday), I'll be waking up early to play in RSC's Annual In-House Tourney, that will see me try to grasp the Golden Medal, the Golden Boot Award and the Man Of The Tournament Award on my last time setting foot in the club. The teams that I've played for in this tournament for the past two years, despite being labelled as favourites, have always had trouble finding the back of the net. So let me see if I can end this jinx this year.

Oh and after that, if the team doesn't make it to the finals of the tourney, I'll have to leave early and attend the Leo Club's meeting for the cheebye Malaysian Traditions Underwear Awareness Day which is causing me much stress. The event itself will be held on Sunday.
I seriously don't get paid enough to put up with shit like this.
This is what you seriously call LOSE-LOSE-DIE-DIE-situation...
I'll keep you guys posted on my weekend...
That is if I don't get admitted to Tanjung Rambutan first...

Hmmm, I can't really do any serious updates right now because I'm busy with the Leo project but as the title suggests, I want to provoke someone and temporarily lose a loyal reader.

So dear dear cousin Christine, this is for you...

All eyes on the Starbucks Green Tea Frappe!! Grande Sized!! Filled To The Brim!!

Hmm, for you reader's information, here's the lowdown on Perth...

It's sad. So sad in fact, that I'm laughing my bloody pants off at my mean photo...

Now if you'll excuse me, I wanna go put on my suit of armour to prepare for the damage she's gonna do to me. *gulp*



Monday, February 13, 2006 : The Most Eligible Single Girls...
Mike says:
Get your tickets for the Malaysian Traditions Awareness Day from me now. See me suffer this Sunday...
And btw, Happy Valentine's Day people..

Yes! It's that time again when the prices of chocolates, roses and soft toys inflate!

It's the eve of Valentine's Day and once again, I'm single on the one special day couples practically look forward to year after year.
So anyway, that's props to me so instead of spending all night on the phone or hanging out with that someone special, I can blog!

So anyway, my latest entry is as it's title dictates. I am gonna do something similar to what Kennysia did and talk about who I think are THE Most Eligible Single Girls That I Know.

Let me apologise in advance to Cher and Sharon for not including you but I'm sorry you two don't quite cut it because of the fact that you're TAKEN. Don't worry, though. If I ever I write an entry about The Most Eligible Taken Girls I know, you two'd be the first names in.

As a consolation, here's a huge photo of the two of you. Sharon above, Cher below.

Now, before I start describing these hotties, let me give a brief intro to what I call eligible. This is so I don't get flamed by any girl I don't want forget to include here.
To me, the basic eligible girl would include looks to kill, body to kill, personality to kill, license to kill and of course, charm to kill...

Keira Knightley- My ideal chic with everything ideally killer under the sun...

Please don't misunderstand that these girls that I am describing are girls I want to date in real life. The reason for that is these girls are way out of my league and way better guys are gonna want to date them after reading this post anyway...

Juney Gan

June is a schoolmate of mine. Although we don't talk much face-to-face, we chat alot online.
To all you rebels out there, here's the perfect girl for you.

She's not in to the type of music normal teenage girls are in to (Backstreet Boys, N'Sync or any boyband you can name under the sun). No, she's more in to rock.
You know, Taking Back Sunday, Alter Bridge and all...
So if you become her boyfriend, you won't have to put up with all that boyband crap you usually put up with when you're with your typical hot girlfriend.
A little warning though, there are tons of guys interested in her so she might be already taken by the time I post this.

Christine Tan

Christine Tan is, in fact, my cousin.

This is one of the reasons why I'm not allowed, let alone interested, to date any of the girls that I'll blog about.
Anyway family ties apart, let me tell you a little bit about Christine Tan through the eyes of a normal, unrelated, straight male...

Christine (right) and two of her hot friends..

She’s everything you look for in a girl, she’s smart and cute. She's hot and she's got a sense of humour. What's more is that she's independant.
She's open minded, she's happy-go-lucky and she's a good listener (I should know this). So in other words, the perfect girlfriend.
I hate to say this though but to all my fellow adolescent readers, she's 22.
So she's way out of your league.


Your average highschool hottie.

Don't let that skinny, sexy, curvy frame fool you, this girl's one tough cookie. She's, like the fastest girl I know out there.
She's won the gold medals for probably every sport at school level. Heck, the only sports she didn't win the gold for is probably the sports she never participated in.

Basketballer, runner, jumper, hurdler... you name it, she probably is it. She may be high maintanence but if I were you, if I had the chance of dating her I'd take every single chance I had of maintaning her because, well, she's bloody damn worth it!

Well, you've gotten a hint of them so I say if you know them, go for them. And if you know them, try to get to know them because this Valentine's (or next), you might end up with them.
Of course, I have to tell you though that I will not give out any more information on them other than what's already on this blog.

So until next time, bye.
Happy Valentine's Day.



Friday, February 10, 2006 : The Week Before 'Malaysian Tradition Awareness Day'
Mike says:
Looks like my speed, guile and ball control paid off for me. I've been short-listed to be part of the school team.

My post today will be moderately short and I'll post a longer one before Valentine's Day.

My school's Leo Club (SMK Damansara Utama) will be organising it's Malaysian Tradition Awareness Day project at KDU soon. I, as Games Manager, am helping to organise a big section of the project..

At the time I signed up for the project, I had nothing else on my mind. I had no other plans. No other ideas. All I knew at that I used to be good at making people play games I invented when I was younger, and what I wanted was to see if I still had that 'gift'. It was like making a deal with the devil because once I got in, I couldn't get out.

Well, a week after I signed up, I found out that everything turned out to be harder than I expected. Initially, what I thought I had to do was on that day, get people to play congkak, gasing and marbles. Then, I found out that I had to rent the boards, tops and everything MYSELF. Not only that, I had to get more than five games, Traditional Malaysian Games!

"Ok, ok. And this is how you build a miniature UFO"

What's more is I had to gather information on every single game I got information on. Like, Holy Shit. Sounded like a shitload to do. But I guess it was ok since I had no other commitments.
Well, HAD anyway.
Until I failed 6 subjects for my finals last year and was forced to study day in night out by my parents, promised to show up to play for my team in the RSC In-House tournament, started blogging at least once a week and started getting heaps of homework from school.


So I tried to cut this deal with the devil. I didn't want anything more to do with organising the project's games so I tried to do get into the presentation by entering the fashion show and the Malaysian wedding. I thought that since I joined them, maybe I could quit as Games Manager.

This IS NOT the type of modelling I expected...

It seemed like a good idea at that time.
BUT NOW I'm doing both!
Have I never been in such deep shit before? No.
Do I think this is stressful? YOU HAVE NO IDEA! HOLY SHIT, I'M GONNA DIE!!!!11

Anyway, it's gonna be exactly 9 days until the day itself and I don't know if I'll make it til that day or I'm gonna just shoot myself up my ass to escape.
So if you wanna come and see me suffer, here are the flyers.

Now if you'll excuse me, I wanna go scream into my pillow and set my hair on fire...


Saturday, February 04, 2006 : The KL Trip
Mike says:
I just sat in a Proton Perdana Taxi. What I'd like to know is why the hell is this taxi meter so expensive compared to the Saga ones. The normal taxi meters start their meter at 2 bucks and slowly increases by 10 cents. The Perdana ones, on the other hand, start the meter at THREE bucks and QUICKLY increases by 20 CENTS. I got a frikking heart attack just staring at the meter from Bangsar to Bandar Utama. This is my first and last EVER time taking a Perdana Taxi.

Have a safe trip back to Kiwiland, Cher. Will miss ya.

On Thursday, me and my mates went to KL City (Low Yatt, BB, Sungei Wang, Times Square etc.). For me, this would have been my third time going there in half a year.

I remember the first time I went there was with KJ, MKland, Amir and Seng Yau in August last year to go boot shopping with Seng Yau. The orginal plan that time was to spend all our time hanging out, shopping and sipping coffee. Instead, we spent more than half the time sitting on uncomfortable chairs waiting for Sham Kamikaze to emerge and do his showcase and sign his Fender endorsement contract at Bentleys.
For your information, Sham is a reknowned guitarist from Malaysian band Kamikaze. Hence the nickname that stuck.

Sham Kamikaze, the management, the representitives of Fender Japan and the Kenji Sakai...

They're copying my style of smiling...

The second time around, I went with Chiak and Zahir to KL for my birthday. After much shopping, we got bored of the whole shebang and decided to go to Times Square.
Good ol' Zahir went there only once but knew the place well. You know how well? Like really well. So well that he could draw out a map of the whole place.
Now as most of you know, Times Square is a shopping centre-cum-amusement park. There happens to be an openly unguarded area with a huge trashbin outside. Inside that bin are disposed wrist tags they give you when you're admitted inside. This prooves my theory that the Times Square management are serious dumbasses

In the end, we snuck inside and enjoyed the rides for free.
Just so you know, I do happen to know that it's freaking risky to write about something illegal on something so publicly open to anyone to read, but that's why I'm putting this disclaimer: We were very aware that it was not the right thing to do to sneak in without paying the entrance fee. We were just merely testing to see how long it would be until we got caught, but apparently we weren't.

The culprits

Let me tell you readers that KL City is not a place you frequent every week or month, it's a place you frequent every year (unless of course, you work or live there).
I, however, am visiting that place for the 3rd time in half a year. What can I say? I love the place too much.

This time, just like the first time, I went with Amir, KJ, Seng Yau and MKland. The difference was this time around, we had no real reason to go. Actually we did. Amir wanted to buy the new Adidas Predator Absolado, Kah Joo also wanted to get new boots, I wanted to buy cologne, after testing out with Sharon and Christine, and both Seng Yau and MKland wanted to buy cellphones, so you get the idea this was a shopping trip.
And that's a big 'but'. Amir already bought his Absolado before the trip, KJ bough my blue Nike Mercurial Talaria II and MKland and Seng Yau decided that if they bought a new phone, they would have to travel a long distance to fix it should a problem arise. I on the other hand didn't bring enough money for cologne. So as I had said earlier, there was no real point in going.

Our first stop was Al-Ikhsan in BB Plaza.
It was here that I decided that I needed a new ball football. After all, my Adidas Roteiro was punctured, my Adidas Champions League Finale was uneven and I was too scared to bruise my nice and smoothe and light Adidas F50+ ball. So what I needed was a new, cheap, light, padded and bouncy and hairy ball. KJ and Amir also decided to invest their festive money in a new ball. So we all bought new balls for ourselves to replace our old ones...

Next stop, some poster shop next to Al-Ikhsan.
Huge, cheap and water proof Anime posters. Just the thought of that drove KJ and Seng Yau wild. Not only were there Anime posters, there were also footballers, games and movie posters. I really wanted to buy an Arsenal and a Cristiano Ronaldo poster but changed my mind in the end. So MKland, Seng Yau and KJ ended up walking out of the store with long thin rolls in their hands.

After that, we headed all over the place, KL Plaza, Sungei Wang and Lot 10, before going to Times Square.
We almost got lost in here if not for my great memory that managed to steer us to the theme park.
Until now, the stupid place was still unguarded. The only difference was that huge dustbin in front of it was taken away.
Wow good job, management. That sure helps ALOT.
This time we decided not to sneak in because the other four guys were scaredy cats we knew it was the right thing to do. So instead we explored the place a bit more. I have to say, I'm really intrigued by the number of Hip-Hop and Japanese Fashion shops.
My eyes were hurting from all those bright colours and the sight of some clothes that don't even belong in some areas!
It was like watching Superman... DRESSED IN PINK, GREEN AND ORANGE!!!
Sorry I digress...

Anyway, after all that walking, we ended up taking a chill pill at Delifrance where Amir grabbed my camera phone and spammed my Gallery by taking tons of pictures.

Mei Khong, better known as MKland. I still don't know why we call him MKland though. Mekong River, King Khong and Long Khong sound like much better nicknames.

KJ enjoying his tuna crossaint

Seng Yau being Seng Yau- scary as ever

Amir and his short-long hair.

This frappe I'm seen sipping in this pic tasted like shit...Starbucks' Green Tea Frappe is the best. Innit right, Christine?

So after we walked around a bit, we decided to head home.
Here's a picture of us posing proudly with our new balls.

Just kidding (that's Kiwi and his Magic Torch Light by the way...)

Aren't our balls just the nicest, cleanest, roundest balls you've ever seen? ;)


Thursday, February 02, 2006 : Chinese New Year: The Eve of Chor Yatt and Chor Yatt
Mike says:
A had a great trip to KL today with KJ, MKland, Amir and Seng Yau. Will blog about that soon.

I have been told that this blog resembles KennySia too much and not only had I been criticised about it, I was also blasted. Well fellas, I can't really help it can I? I look up to him most when it comes to blogging. I use him as a guideline but fuck it, I'll be myself only when I'm more comfortable and used to blogging.
And yes my dear dear cousins,
Sharon and Christine, i do realise that my poses have angles. Just like Enrique Iglesias and his father Julio.

Happy Chinese New Year once again, to all my readers out there! Hope you guys have had alot of frikkin' ang pows this festive season. I know I have... as if you can't guess by the i-just-had-sex-for-the-first-time-in-a-long-long-while tone.

Ang pow issue aside, CNY so far is kinda wonderful to me. I got to spend time with my *cough cough* beloved *cough cough* cousins, Sharon and Christine. I stuffed myself with the good-shit food. I got to take a break from all that school work. I got to rest all my muscular strains from football. And most importantly, I got ANG POW~!!!!11exclamation.
Sorry, hehe, couldn't resist.

To be honest, I really didn't expect to enjoy myself. After all, I had to be removed from my beloved football for a week- which is real torcher, I thought I had no access to the internet- until my cousin let me use her laptop plus I thought I had to stand being bullied by my two cousins- which I was.. in a good way =D.

So the reunion dinner wasn't going to be home cooked unlike previous years (well, years before last anyway) because of the stress it would cause my dear grandma, so instead we were to celebrate it in Choon Kee Restaurant. Choon Kee is famous in Kuala Kangsar as the only air conditioned restaurant in town as the restaurant with the best food around. This fact I'm not so sure but I think Choon Kee is also famous for its steamboat.

I'm personally not a big fan of steamboat to an extent that I end up eating very very little before going back and stuffing my mouth full with lukam, sweets and my aunt's homemade layer cake.
But somehow this time I ended up eating more than usual... like really alot more until I didn't feel like eating anymore afterwards.

I don't really remember how different the food was from the last time but I do know that the steamboat pot, the table and steam definitely looks the same.

Perhaps some genie came out of the magical steamboat pot and put a hex on whoever that doesn't like steamboat to like steamboat more. The soup was nice though. Put it this way, if you added prawns, then veggie, then crab, then some more veggie, then chicken, then a lil more veggie, then fish and veggie again to hot boiling water, this is the type of soup that would result.

Lovely innit? Then we went home and watched muvees before finally going to bed.
Note to self: Realise that I should have cut my nails BEFORE CNY before scratching myself in my sleep thus causing a scratch right above my arse. knnccb...

The next day was the First Day Of Chinese New Year aka Chor Yatt. Known as the day of prosperity (because of the ang pows, duh)... and the day that we're supposed to display our new clothes.

This day was more or less a movie fest. Armageddon and The Whole Ten Yards proved to be real time fillers. I admit I was quite rude to a couple of guests by looking at their faces for not more than a minute while recieving ang pows. If they do decrease my ang pow money for next year, let me curse Ben Affleck, Billy Bob Thornton, Michael Clarke Duncan, Liv Tyler, Owen Wilson, Bruce Willis, Bruce Willis again, Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet in advanced.

After dinner that night, I and my two cousins had a long talk about....stuff. Yes, I was a guy involved in girl talk. Shut up, fellas. I went inside the minds of two typical women and now it's safe to say that I understand women better *blushes*. Okay so that was a cover up, but honestly I had to talk to go upstairs and talk to them or I would have been bored out of my skull, and boredom, not drugs, is the number one killer of teens today. No kidding, ladies and gentlemen.

They say that the first day of Chinese New Year...or was it the entire Chinese New Year itself, is a premonition of how the rest of the year would be. If it was fun, the rest of the year would be fun. You get the idea.
From this post, it's plain to see that I had added on a lot of crap to my plain CNY to make this blog post more eventful. Zats means that the rest of this year is going to be plain and normal, BUT (and that's a big but) it's the creativity and that special zest for stupidity that's going to be the difference between last year and this year. Although that's what I'm hoping for ;).

And now I'll leave you with some pointless dumbass pictures of me, Christine and Sharon camwhoring.