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Tuesday, October 31, 2006 : 19 days and counting..

Mike says:
This will be my last blog post for the next month.
Next week, and the weeks after that, I'll be asking my cousin, Sharon, to guest blog for me and fill in the gaps.

I feel exam pressure's finally gotten to me and I'm about to snap.
I mean, lately, I've been pissing off alot of people. Well, the word 'alot' is an overstatement but you get the point.

So to those that I've pissed off, and wouldn't cut me any slack because of the exam pressure, sorry lah.
I just don't like exams.


So yes, SPM is less than 3 weeks away and I've been trying to study so much that I've forgotten that this year will be my last year in a school uniform.

But then again, it's also going to be the last year where all my weekdays will be filled with tuition classes.
Then there's the addition of a car to my life. That means hor, no more asking my parents to drop me here and there and I'll be free to roam wherever and whenever I please.

And yes, I'll be driving mercilessly and recklessly like I do in GTA

Plus I will be shifting house to a more urban neighbourhood.
And then of course, there's the possibility I won't be able to see half of my friends ever again after I go off to college.

I'll miss this lot... but that does NOT give you the damn right to sing that damn irritating Vitamin C song.

Somemore hor, you readers don't have to complain about anymore hair posts ever again because, well, I'll have the freedom to do whatever I want with my hair without complaining that the school authorities are chasing me to chop it all off like traffic policemen at a Mat Rempit race.

You won't be seeing much of this anymore... unless I suddenly choose to boast about a new nice hairstyle

Yup, now only do I realise that my life is going to change in just 5 weeks time.

So see you readers on the other side.
Until the 5th of November, it's adios, from me.

Wish me luck for my Ass Pee Am.



Saturday, October 21, 2006 : IMVU
Mike says:
Where are all my readers?!?! ='(
It's just not easy to come up with any good ideas these days- they're all saved up for after the 4th of December, in which I do hope all you readers will return.
For now, I'll just try to keep my blog alive with semi-readable content.

On the bright side though, I'm playing football regularly again.
Which is good, since my ankle injury's recovery's showing no sign of any ill effects... yet.

A while back, Cher introduced me to this new instant messenger called IMVU.
Now IMVU isn't your average instant messaging programme like MSN, AIM or Yahoo.

No, IMVU's kinda like a 3D messaging programme where you pretty much get to interact with your friend in a much more..er .. physical way.

That's Cher, my model for the next few pictures..

Oh and if you don't feel like nudging your friends on MSN to get their attention, you can do other stuff to get people's attention on IMVU like kissing them

...or whacking them..
...or slapping them..
...or plainly just kicking the living shit out of them...

Just like in real life ;)

Well, what else that makes IMVU different from other chat programmes is your ability to customize your character.
So this is where your experience in Neopets comes in handy where you earn your points (or credits, in this game) to buy yourself some new bling to look cool.

I mean, one minute you could be the casual hot dude every girl wants to sleep with at the club.

And the next minute, you could be the retarded gay looking scrawny geek everybody picks on and makes fun at in class. Sorry, I couldn't resist that.
No hard feelings, aight?

Then another minute, you can have wings and long hair and stand on top a sky scraper like a scene from Gargoyles or Daredevil.

But of course, getting the credits come with a catch.
You gotta either patiently earn them little by little OR you can pay for them with your hard earned cash.

And we all know nobody wants the latter, so how do you earn your credits lil by lil?
Well, one way is to invite your friend.. and if your friend joins, you get 500 credits.
The other way, however, is to randomly surf around and sure enough you'll get some credits for that.

HEY! It beats paying for it, you rich bastard.
But hey, look on the bright side, you start out with 1000 credits..

A thousand bucks can bring you a long long way into her pants...

So pretty much, IMVU's a fun programme for you if you constantly find yourself being bored online... or if you have no life.
That is exactly my case, when I find everyone is busy studying and I don't feel like doing so myself. So I end up finding someone new everyday to chat with.

"Hi, may I get to know you so I can sleep with you?"

Truth is, the only other person I know with IMVU at the moment, as in know know like personally, is Skyler.
Well, actually I don't exactly know Skyler personally since we did meet through blogging so I guess I only know her as an online friend. But let's just say I know know her because there's noone else I know on IMVU whom I know know.

"Bloggers rule!"

*deep breath*
If you just understood that, congratulations, you're officially a certified moron.

Anyway, sorry i digress.

So before I start making no sense at all (because I'm kinda sleepy now), why don't you pay a visit to the website and see if you like what you see. All you gotta do is click on the advertorial below.

Oh, and if you do happen to join IMVU, make sure you add me up.
My name's Guest_mikedotorg. What's with the guest? You gotta pay for your own name too.

Overall IMVU's a great deal of fun if you use it right, and not too much.

And in case you're wondering, yes I do get credits for advertising IMVU here on my blog.
Have a nice day, and please do me some charity by gifting me some credits.


Friday, October 13, 2006 : The Good Ol' Days
Mike says:
Whee it's raining!
The haze is gone... for now.

Lately I've been struggling to find anything to blog about- not because I've got no idea, because believe me after my SPM you people will find me more entertaining than TV, but because right now I'm lazy and I constantly feel guilty whenever I'm not making an effort to study.

So I was thinking hard to myself about what the hell I'm going to blog about right now. Then I came across my videos archive.
No I'm not talking about my porn folder.
But it had a couple of interesting videos of basically, myself having a good time.
And I'm still not talking about my porn folder here.

So anyway those were the good days where after football, Donny would occasionally grab my camera and suggest we do something stupid.
And over the top of our heads, my mates and I would just come up with something and do it infront of the camera- thus the MDO Viva La Mike videos.

But these videos aren't extremely stupid to extent where it's exciting to watch.
That means hor, these videos aren't worthy of Viva La Mike- because these just stupid.

So kick back, grab a glass of milk and get ready to shoot it all out through your noses ;)

Mountain Bike Daytona

Winning 11 rubbish

Tata, I'll post more next time as soon as you guys stop staring at the computer screen with your jaws dropped wide open with the feeling you've just watsed 2 minutes of your precious life.


Sunday, October 08, 2006 : Sundays
Mike says:
Lately I've been finding it really hard to write on this blog because I've been very lazy recently and there's nothing to boost my morale when I look at my comments and find only 3 to 4 comments there.
I'm not complaining though. Thanks loyal readers.

In general Sundays are lazy days. Am I not right?

I go to bed at 3 the night before and I'm woken up at 12, by my mom.
After lunch, at an urgent time like this before my exams, I'm usually spured to study immediately but not on Sundays.
Truth is, I don't really do much on Sundays, I hardly even come online to surf the net.

The only real thing I ever do on Sundays is play football at the park nearby.
It doesn't matter how many people I play with as long as I get to tek poh (that's kick ball, not kick grandomother).

But today, there's been a bit of a problem.
A problem called the haze.

You see during the evening, I usually get to see the sun or at least a few clouds when I come out of my house and look to my left.
But today...

Where the hell is the sun?!?!

Damnit it looks like I photoshopped the neighbourhood out of it's original picture and pasted it onto a bloody grey background.

Ok what else around this time is I get a pretty good view of the One Utama office to my right when I get out of the house, and usually after dusk the lights kinda illuminate the sky making night time less boring for the neighbourhood.

But lately...

Light or no light also cannot see. knnccb...

But the fact of the matter is, I don't get to play football because the air is too dirty and it'll be stupid to get out of my house just for a kick around.
I rather smoke a pack of cigarettes than go out to inhale the air that's full of ash and dust.
I don't smoke anyway, so that's a plus if I end up not polluting my lungs but I digress.

Cheebye Indonesian arsenists.
You're full of shit, that's what you are for taking away from me the only thing I ever do on Sundays.

Now please excuse me, I have to get back to being useless.


Thursday, October 05, 2006 : Inner and Outer Beauty

Mike says:
Chiak: Wtf?! OU So empty wan...
Myself: What talk you. Bloody gila banyak people la.
Chiak: No hot chicks at all today la!!!
Myself: All studying for PMR leh...

... I need not say more.

Ok so anybody who knows me personally or in real life can tell you that I'm in no position to talk about beauty- inner or outer.
The reason for that is when I start talking about outer beauty, as in the physical of it, I can get pretty shallow. And I mean pretty like I think Denise Richards is pretty. As for inner beauty though, even a saint wouldn't have what it takes to have the inner beauty.

Having said that, what is outer beauty?
Is it this?

Or is it this?

Or would you tell me that both are physically beautiful.
In my honest opinion, I'll tell you that both are only OK. Think I'm shallow now?

But give me a minute.
Now let me ask, what is inner beauty?

Would you say that a girl- who's missing half a breast, has one ear bitten off in a rabid stray dog attack and the other ear completely burnt off while in primary school after a freak accident involving methane gas and an out of control Bunsen burner- is still beautiful if she let's you sleep over at her place if you, let's say, were picked up on the street, then got mugged and dropped off at some random place you've never been.

Honestly, I wouldn't think she's beautiful even though she has a heart of gold, though I might think she'd peep on you in the shower.

Inner beauty so what? Still a peeping tom...

Honestly now, the truth is, I don't believe in outer or inner beauty.
In my opinion there is only one beauty- and that is beauty itself.

To me, beauty is only classified when a person is both attractive in looks, and also has a golden personality.
In Ah Beng talk, that means that outer beauty and inner beauty make beauty lor. If one hai gone, then kenot call beauty anymore leh. Understeng anot?

By now I bet that you readers are really calling me shallow but come on lah, how often have you been attracted to a hot girl or guy who always calls you names and has only the most malicious thoughts in mind 24/7.
And how often are you attracted to a person who's not exactly a pretty sight but is there when you need him or her, and in most cases, is also usually there when you don't need him or her around in which that person will become more annoying than anything else.

Please don't start with that love is blind bullshit, because there needs to exist some kind of attraction before love developes but that is another post for another day.
But when we look on the physical side, as long as the person who has that heart of gold is not a torture to the eyes (it doesnt matter how hot or good looking), then that is beauty.

No heart of gold? Buy one!

In the press, the most overused word I've ever come across is the word 'beautiful' especially when it is intended to celebrities, certain ones.

Some magazines pointed out that Paris Hilton is beautiful.
Like yeah she's beautiful, just like how my ass is the most exclusive pay-per-view on tv.
Then there's also the tabloids and the press that frequently label Lindsey Lohan as beautiful.
Yes, she has the most piercing green eyes and yes she's pretty easy on the eyes but unfortunately for everybody else, that's the most you can admire about her.

The only celebrity so far whom I think is worthy of that word is Charlize Theron. Now she is beautiful because she's a complete hottie plus she puts others before herself but I'm not here to give a moral talk so I shall shy away from the specifics.

Charlize Theron- looks, body, brains, commitment, heart- beauty.

Enough examples though, my point here is the word 'beautiful' is as frequently overmisused in the press as the word 'slut' is used among us teenagers and school children.

Honestly, being my shallow self I've encountered many people who're stunningly pretty, in ways that only my tongue freezes and my nose automatically breaks by itself, but I wouldn't say they're beautiful.
And then again, there are people whom I've met in life that have been so nice to me and I will never forget them even until the day, but not every one of them is someone I'd call beautiful.

But no lah, I'm not so shallow to an extent that I've never met any real beautiful people at all.
I have met plenty... well, perhaps not plenty, but I've met as many as I can count on my fingers and toes.

One such person is Cher.

Yeah, she's like one of the nicest people I know, but at the same time pretty good to stare at.
Sorry Adrian, but she's the best example I could find.

Another such person I've met (maybe not met but have 'met') is Marion Raven.
Yeahlah, throw at me whatever comment you have about personality and looks... but when she was with M2M, and was invited into the htz.fm radio studio to meet the fans (in which I was one of them who called up), she certainly knows how to make a first impression.

And since M2M split, she's been becoming prettier ever since.
And when she came back to Malaysia and went into the hitz.fm studios again, guess who was one of the fans who called up again.

Bling! Second impression...
Of course I didn't expect her to remember me but damn she was still the sweet nice girl I talked to a couple of years back.

Marion Raven: Real Beauty

Unless she appears in the newspaper for beating up the paparazzi or drunk driving, she is one celebrity whom I view as beautiful.

I can't really say here who else is beautiful or who's not because being Malaysian, you have a tendancy of being accused of liking that person if you call them pretty or beautiful or whatever.
Cher is the only exception I made because well, I needed one example didn't I? And what better example than the best example?

Well, I probably should end the topic here stressing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but true beauty lies in both the heart and the physical.
So don't bother me anymore on this topic.

As for the minority of you people who are jealous that I got to talk to M2M and Marion Raven, it's all right I understand how you feel after missing the opportunity to talk to other celebrities.
And hell, if you're one of those M2M fans that misses their squeeky whiney voices, then go listen to Simple Plan- it's all the same.


Sunday, October 01, 2006 : The Clearwater Trip 2005
Mike says:
I went to watch Jackie Chan's latest film today, Rob-B-Hood, and I gotta say it's been a freaking long while since I've laughed that hard, since my last regular sitcom was Friends which stopped airing on Star World last year...
Totally recommend you to watch it even if you don't understand chinese ( such as I, the banana )

I've been tempted to blog on this a while back when my popularity was at it's peak- which wasn't very popular, but more popular than now nonetheless- but I was afraid this would be one of those posts that would be overlooked by most readers.

I say that because this isn't exactly the most entertaining post that everyone would give a hairy baby's ass about... which is exactly the reason why I'm blogging about it now, when my readers are either too lazy to give a comment or are mad at me and therefore are boycotting my blog or simply because I'm not as funny anymore.

Either that or people feel discouraged to read my blog anymore because of the review given to me by Bolehland- which is now dead btw, so hear me laugh in your face.
My apologies, but after all, your rating didn't sit too well with me and I was a bit offended purely because my videos and sense of humour didn't get me any credit at all while I got my apparent rating from my camwhore habits, which have watered down now in conjunction with the up and coming exams.
So once again, hear me laugh at you, Bolehland.


But I heavily digress.
Point is, I'm blogging about a subject now that noone would care to read and I don't expect to get many comments (or any comments at all). The reason why I'm blogging about this is for my own personal enjoyment- kinda like masturbation. Only I don't let just anybody watch me jack off unlike this blog which is free for you readers to view. But I digress again.

So anyway, during the end of November last year I decided to organise a road trip for my mates and I to go up to Clearwater in Ipoh for a lil R&R.
And no, this wasn't some homosexual plan to ram any of their asses with my pogo stick, but thank you for your kind consideration for my friends who are all walking fine and show no signs of hemorhoids or piles or enlarged assholes.

MK land, The Handsome One, Amir and Chiak

So yes, in other words, we weren't playing gay.

Anyway, since we were all 16 and none of us, naturally, didn't have a driver's license, we had to depend heavily on other means of transport to get there- such as the bus and taxi.

Dei! It says bas dan lori saja la!

Now the bus is a bitch.
I'm saying that because a normal trip to Ipoh would take, say, one half to two hours, but the bus took three.
But I guess I can't really complain since my friends and I were the ones making a bloody lot of noise pissing the rest of the passengers off.

So long story short, we arrived at Medan Gopeng by bus and went to Clearwater by taxi. Plus, we didn't make alot of friends...

Now if you've never heard of Clearwater Sanctuary before, I'd say you're either too high class a sod to know that this was one of the most entertaining resorts in the country and used to have many people queueing up just to spend one night there in a Bali-themed haven.

But alas, with the problem of maintanence and the sprouting of other better resorts in the country, Clearwater had been relegated to the past tense of greatness.
No longer had Clearwater the attraction to make it Golfcourse of The Year three years running, no.

Now what is left of Clearwater that still has many people coming is the amazing scenery from dawn til dusk, and not the other way around. Mosquittoes, you know.

Anyway, the reason why I was so literal in the past few paragraphs is because of one reason and one reason only, my sister's mother's husband's wife's mother's sister's husband owns the place, which is being runned by his son's brother.
Plus I'm hoping to be quoted on their website, but I shouldn't hope too much after I criticised it after I complimented it... I should be expecting a slap instead.

But yes, I guess I do feel a little biased to compliment the place even if it is quite torn down now.
Note though, that I may have exagerated on the word 'quite'

Anyway I digress again.
After showing my friends a first hand guided tour of the place, we were checked into our rooms and decided to plan our next two days over there- we ended up playing the PS2, which we brought, most.

Resident Evil 4 is addictive, mind you.

But yeslah we did do the usual resort activities that you usually do on vacation-swimming, fishing, tennis, shocking the living testicles out of your friends by dangerously driving a resort buggie.
You know, the usual.

I guess this trip isn't much for me to blog about, just alot for me to rant though.
I will, however, blog about our fishing eventhough we didn't even catch one fish.

After the instructor taught us how to fish, we found one perfectly strategic plot of land to cast our lines and patiently wait for the fish.
But as I said earlier, I caught nothing. We caught nothing.

"Strategic" fishing spot...

Maybe it was our loud laughter that scared the fish away, maybe it was the 'strategic' spot, maybe bread wasn't really the best bait to use, or just maybe we weren't patient enough to wait for something to bite the hook.

But to make up for that, the scenery was hella worth it.

It didn't matter, we had a lot of fun pretending to fish anyway.

So yes lah the trip, as you can say, was a bit disappointing especially with the renovation of the futsal court.
But you can never take the football away from the footballers, so we did play anyway- in front of the chalets.

But the disappointing trip didn't disappoint us all to much because, well, our jokes (and Resident Evil 4) kept us sane through the two days.

I remember one joke in particular when I told MK Land about the economy class bus ticket that we bought for the departure and return.

He was sceptical that even buses had classes so he said,
"Wah, even buses got classes ah? So how front do we have to be to change from Economy to Business?...

...Then for first class, how? Sit on the driver's lap ah?"

Oh and btw, don't feel discouraged from visiting that place because the maintanence has probably been completed by now and the four of us probably went during the wrong part of the year anyway. I mean, it's still one of the best golf courses around.
Plus, I'm pretty confident that there'll be plenty of topless chicks sunbathing by the pool when you go, so go!

And damnit, if you do go bring a camera and send me some pictures (of the topless chicks, not yourself... unless you're a topless chick >=] )