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Saturday, May 27, 2006 : The Many Faces of Mike
Mike says:
OMG! Joga3 was great tournament eventhough my team lost both games, Amir, KJ and I walked away with a smile on our faces. After all, we were unluckily faced with tough opponents in both matches and had our fair half of the spoils. I'll blog more about that next post.
How unlucky though that
Donny, Lester and Chiak couldn't turn up for their tournament on Friday...

In the mean time, I do wonder wtf happened to my 'loyal readers' and ex-OBS mates.
C'mon guys, takkan can only comment on the
OBS posts.... Support me sikit lah...

It's been a while since I've had a really self-indulged post about myself featuring loads of pictures of me.
Come to think of it, my last vain post was back in March when I did my review of MyHeritage.

Now anyone who knows me well will know that I am a very self-righteous person. That means that I can't stand not looking at myself in the mirror.
So that means that it isn't normal for me not to have a syiok sendiri blog entry.

So let me continue with my blog entry.

Mike can be a very suave person, wouldn't you agree?
No? How about charming? No? Cool? Really?
Well, I'd like to think that I ain't always all about the stupid stuff, cuz I really can be a lil James Bond-y at times.

See what I mean?

But I guess most of you are right lah. I am a comedian most of the time and that's why I'm presenting The Many Faces of Mike.
This entry is very similar to my entry on The Mikes (where a sequel is coming out very soon. Promise) only this entry talks about the many identities I hide behind. Put it this way, it's like Clark Kent being newspaper reporter in the morning, hot hunk during lunch time, Superman in the evening and insomniatic lunatic at night.


I created this identity a couple of months ago, from a drawn smiley face on a blank piece if paper, to imitate the killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer or the first Scary Movie.

I mean Skippy IS scary.
Hey! How would YOU like it if you woke up in the middle of the night and saw this face staring straight at you with a dead expression but a wildly wiggling tongue.

Now you know!

The Football Fan

You know how patriotic football fans go to the football stadiums with their faces fully painted in support of their favourite team?

Well how about this, I wore an entire football on my head to show my love for the game.

Bugger King

Yes, the stupid retard finally rears his ugly head, under an upside down Burger King crown.

I sat through an entire 2 and a half hours wearing that crown shouting out random superhero lines, like "Never fear! Burger King is here!" and "Stand back! This is a job for BURGER KING!!!!", through out class, one fine Thursday.
I lost all my friends for that period, nicknaming me Bugger King the Lunatic, but watch out, Bugger King will be back whenever I find a Burger King crown.

Charlie, Amir, Tzu Ting, Melody... and the new Superhero on the block...

Emo Mike

Recently over the past eight months, I have been more emo than any other period of my life.
Come to think of it, this is the only time when I've ever been this emo, mostly caused by my breakup with this girl...
I went through it all- going crazy, hurting myself, listening to sad emo songs, crying over a picture of us and EVEN having that pathetic stupid-looking emo hair...

And just when I thought it was over, she comes out of the blue and starts telling people how she'd never accept me as an ex-boyfriend and telling alot of rumours about me and us when we were together.
I guess it was my fault. After all I was trying to apologise to her and all she did was scream in my face and asked me to fuck off... so I went back to this.

Yes, Emo Mike isn't comedic but sad. I'd make you laugh, if I wasn't too sad. I'm not sad now, but I was back then.
But then again, I've always made you laugh =D

The Overzealous Clown

Some people would do anything to make others laugh, including make a fool of yourself just to get a few chuckles. And I am just 'some people'.

This picture was taken during Sports Day and here I am playing the fool- dressed in shades, the Green House's crowns, and their wristbands.

Needless to say, I succeeded in making a few people laugh. Not only that, I also managed to make some people stare weirdly at me and humiliate myself. Go me!

Like Jim Carrey's characters in his movies, I have ellaborate moods and personalities...
And when my already ellaborate moods are at their peak, you know you're bound to be entertained because, after all, I am MikeDotOrg.



Thursday, May 25, 2006 : SMKDU Sports Day 2006
Mike says:
Joga 3 is coming up this Saturday, send in your support now!

We are guarenteed going to need it.

And btw, can you girls please stop talking about Paul Bettany's ass?! OMG!


Today was my school's Sports Day and for the first time in my 5 years at the school did I finally choose to attend the event at the MPPJ Stadium in Kelana Jaya.

I had to go to Chiak's place in order for Lester to come and pick us up to go to the stadium, and i I have this to say about his car. Dig the sunroof but i wanna chew up your back seats, man!!!
Anyway, sorry i digress.

So first up was the opening ceremony.

Not as grand as the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne but still grand nonetheless, and with very little practice too.
Well, I wouldn't say little but as far as I could remember the only practice they had was three days before the event itself.

"We will serve the master.. we are drones.. we are slaves.. we are worthless"

"Reformasi! Reformasi!"

Where was I?
Oh yeah. So, we got there just in time for the opening ceremony.

We COULD have gotten there earlier if not for Lester's beautiful punctuality, but I guess it aint his fault cuz apparently his dad had taken the little beauty beast out for a spin at the wrong time.

Ah well, but I know better than to talk about the results of the events. That is Hueyyi's job.

I can tell you though that Yellow House won the best group event, Green House won the best march (house category), the Kadet Bersatu won the best march in the Uniformed Clubs category, Derrick won best Sportsman and Hueyyi won the best Sportswoman (for the fourth year running *bangs head on wall several times*)

The Soldier Cadets aka Persatuan Kadet Bersatu Malaysia

The closing ceremony, though, was a whole different affair to the opening ceremony. Instead of bigshots giving their speeches and introducing the next venue for the following event, they had to give out the bloody medals and even those people not taking part had to sit under the scorching mothertrucking sun.

And that ends the Sports Day for me. knnccb...
For what it's worth, though, I did have a good time messing with the athletes such as Ming Han and Amir, and I wasn't the only athlete that wasn't taking part in the events. There's Chiak, Andrew, Kovieen, and the list goes on...

For the record, I could've taken part in one event or two if someone had notified me about the deadline for signing up for the events.

Immediately after Sports Day, Chiak, Melody, Hueyyi, Lester, Donny and I went straight to One Utama to have lunch.
One thing lead to another and we ended up checking out the Joga3 tournament that started on that day.

The first category was the U-12 side and, bloody hell, with my recent drop of form I suspect that I may even lose to some of these kids, whom I give credit to anyway, because one or two of them are actually pretty damn good.

Yeah, anyone remember Marcus?
He's my idea of an ambitious kid... and Joga 3 was crawling with ambitious kids when we saw them.

So later on we went to play pool and after that it was homewardbound...

And btw, I'd like to wish Donny, Lester and Chiak luck for their Joga 3 conquest on Friday.
Guys, just keep cool, remember that style is important and play it beautifully. After all, that is Joga Bonito.
Wouldn't you agree, Don?

Of course you do..



Tuesday, May 23, 2006 : Ass Photos
Mike says:
OMFG! The Da Vinci Code is one of the best movies ever....
... that is if your haven't read the book. Honestly, I didn't wanna read it to avoid any spoilers or disappointment and in the end, I watched it and loved it, unlike Chiak who was disappointed because he read the book first.

Update: Bloody hell. Joga 3 is coming to One Utama and KJ, Amir and I are entering it on Saturday. With my kind of form now, they won't be able to rely on me to make any goals or passes.
Right now, I feel so emotionally unconfident that even the team's physical form is dropping. In english, that means that my team sucks because I suck.


A week ago, I was laid back on my bed reading some referance book and studying for the exams while I looked over to my left and thought I saw what I saw on my school's magazine.

OMFG! Ass Photos... For a moment there, I thought I'd be checking out maybe any of my hot friends' faces on Shakira's die-hard bootilicious body.

Ass to die for... literally...

Then I scurried over there and saw this.

Ooowh... CLASS photos...

Damnit!!!... my hopes were dashed.
But after all, it IS the school magazine.

Ed Board, take note!



Friday, May 19, 2006 : Pepsi Gold
Mike says:
Your results for the
new template poll are in. And you selfish mongers want me to waste my time designing my own blog template. Ah well, it's your vote. So, Afi!!!! Need some help here!!!

Btw, exams are over it's time to rejoice for a short while before resuming my studies.
And if you guys wanna watch an extended version of the
previous post's football video, click here.
AND if any of you tease me about Arsenal's UEFA Champions League final loss to Barcelona, I shall track you down, rape your dog and burn your house.

Pepsi is just full of bullshit. I mean that in a good way, of course.
From endorsing superstars to creating new tastes, this drink brand is definitely not one you wanna pray pray with ok?

The last tastes Pepsi came out with was Pepsi Tarik, a Malaysian-touch drink only released in, where else but, Malaysia.
Let's just say, thank God it stayed in Malaysia.

Pepsi Fire and Pepsi Crap Tarik

Another flavour (well, flavourssss) released by Pepsi is Pepsi Fire and Pepsi Ice.
Also known as the replacements to the not-so-popular Pepsi X and the overated Pepsi Blue.

But Pepsi is smart. Really smart! So smart in fact, that this time they decided to get sexy Thai pop princess Tata Young and ex-F4 singer Vanness Wu to be the face of the new Pepsis to attract the attention of the youth...

Unfortunately though, Vanness's face instantly drove us all away.

So anyway, Pepsi is back with a new flavour, in conjuction with the FIFA World Cup. Introducing Pepsi Gold!!!

This time it's endorsed by Ronaldinho, two times consecutive and current World Player of The Year, Brazil's driving force, Barcelona's influential playmaker and lady's man.

Pepsi Gold, like the previous Pepsis, has a really nice design and once again focuses on the marketing.

The drink has a sparkling sweet ginger-y taste to it. Honestly though, I'm not a big fan of ginger but this drink isn't that bad anyway, regardless of my opinion.
Watch the clip to see Chiak 'promote' the drink.

But when it comes to MikeDotOrg, whatever the product, whatever the review, whatever it is, I can always find ways to poke fun at it.

I mean, look at it!!!

It looks like pee! As a matter of fact, if you served it in a glass to someone who didn't know the wiser, how much would you wanna bet that guy would think you just served him your urine sample?

Try giving this to your doctor during your medical checkup. I can almost immagine him saying, "Oh dear, looks like you have a high content of sugar in your blood"

Now check this out. If I showed you this pic, what would you think?

Honestly you'd think it's pee, and you'd be correct until I showed you this pic.

But I guess Pepsi Gold also comes in handy if you want to scare your frat mates half to death.
Just drink it til it's half empty, and fling the bottle at them, then watch them run for their lives. Why?

What would you do if you had a bottle and trouble finding the toilet? That's right...

Now pee jokes aside, Pepsi Gold also doesn't look like it's halal. So what happens if you had your Muslim friend over and you gave him this glass.

You'll find that when he leaves your house, he wouldn't have touched that glass! Not one bit!
Honestly, that crap looks like beer.
So gold-schmold, the way I look at it, this would be one snag at Pepsi's marketing idea.

Chiak said "Tastes like heaven", and Donny said, "Tastes like gold". I say, it looks like pee, straight up.
So that shall be MY/OUR slogan for Pepsi Gold,

"Tastes like heaven. Tastes like gold. Looks like pee. ©"



Sunday, May 14, 2006 : Football Humour
Mike says:
Aw daym! I would've bet my house on West Ham winning the FA Cup after their solid performance and fluke goals- one own goal by Carragher, one scrappy roll-in by Ashton and one goal intended to be a cross from Konchesky...
Ah well, congratulations to all you Leaverfools out there anyway...

This is my second post in two days... and my exams aren't finished yet XD
Lately I've been feeling very inspired to do a football video after seeing the latest football videos from Nike.
So I searched my folders for the best football videos which I had collected over the past year to compile.

Then I thought, why not put the Mike touch in and add some humour and hip music.
Unfortunately though, whenever I think of the word 'hip music', I think of dancing lemurs, a lion, a zebra and Ali G.

The end product, another video from MDO Viva La Mike. Enjoy!



Friday, May 12, 2006 : Overpumping a Rubber Ball.
Mike says:
I'm starting to loathe this year even more. I've never run through a form this inconsistent before, one day I'm playing football well and one day I'm struggling to perform...
One week of exams left to go...

So a couple of weeks before the exams, I was really bored and had too much time on my hands, again.

So I thought I'd try something that I've been wanting to do for the past month.
A month earlier, I bought myself a new plastic goal set that came with a rubber ball.

And rubber balls, as we all know (or if you don't know), are like balloons. I could pump so much air into it until it enlarged to the size of, maybe a basketball.
But since I was THAT bored, I wanted to try something more stupid retarded dumbfucked GUNGHO!

So then I thought, why not overpump it over it's extent.
And I did. And recorded it. And had fun. For like 5 minutes. Wheeee.

Well you saw it first on this post, MDO Viva La Mike. My version of MTV's Viva La Bam.

Then I went to admire my masterpiece... and since I was bored, my immagination started to run wild and I began to get craetive with it.

Ladies, you know you're attracted to a man in a rubber hat....

Haha! I'm so daym syiok sendiri!
Now I'm prepared to go watch the FIFA World Cup in Germany.

Stay tuned for more football and Mike related, videos on MikeDotOrg!