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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 : Diet Coke + Mentos
Mike says:
I totally forgot about
this video. So if you're free or feel like watching two idiots acting out a Star Wars lightsabre scene, then go waste a minute and a half on it XD.

Yay! Blogger meet this Saturday. I'll be sure to blog on it =D

World Cup Updates: Teams through to the quarter finals- France, Ukraine, England, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

Chiak told me at the beginning of the week that there would be a chemical reaction that would happen if you mixed Mentos...

...with Diet Coke (known in Malaysia as Coke Light)

According to the guy who told the guy who told his brother who told him who told me, some chemical reaction happens when you add the two contents together.

And we're not talking small chain reaction here where the Diet Coke fizzles uncontrolably like you just shook the bottle like a wanker.
We're talking BIG kahuna water fountaine here!!!

If you're planning to try it out, then you might want to follow these guidelines.
1. Buy a 1.5 litre Diet Coke bottle and the mint flavour of Mentos.
2. Do not shake the bottle.
3. Make sure the drink is warm.
4. Add a Mentos to the bottle.
5. Don't stand around there like an idiot.

You've got to stand at this distance.. at least..

If you're too lazy or too scared to try, then watch the next MDO Viva La Mike episode. Enjoy.
A lil warning though, my introduction is a lil hasty (but nothing that you haven't already read here) because I didn't wanna take too long to talk about it (I'm no MTV VJ, thank you very much) so please bare with me and don't complain.



Sunday, June 25, 2006 : The Power of Imagination
Mike says:
World Cup update- So the teams through to the quarterfinals are Spain, Italy, Ghana, Ukraine, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Holland, Equador, England, Sweden, Argentina, Mexico, Switzerland and France.
The teams through to the semi finals though have also been decided too, that is Argentina, England, Portugal and Germany. That means hor, that Sweden, Equador, Holland =( and Mexico go home.

Update: C. Ronaldo is out injured for a year, Deco will miss the next match against England with a red card suspension and Maniche will miss it too for a second yellow card in a consecutive match. omgwtfknnccbbbq!!!

These pictures were taken about two weeks ago and it was initially meant for private viewing.

My cousin Sharon was over at my place giving me advice on my career oportunities in the future and my up and coming O-level examinations.
That's when she picked up the only stuffed toy in my room, a blue stuffed microsnow (gila high tech word) dolphin.

See, the thing with microsnow stuffed animals, is that they're so soft and easy to manipulate.
I keep that stuffed animal for myself because it's nice to sleep on. Not because I love those type of things.

Eventually, cousin Sharon got LAGI itchy fingered and started manipulating it to a point where it's not called maniuplation anymore. I'd call it molest, but the more appropriate word is mutilation.....
But molest sounds nicer.

Cousin Sharon is really creative because after all, she was once a popular blogger and a friend of another popular blogger, Minishorts (but that's beside the point).
So she went on and created new shapes with my stuffed dolphin...

So first, my dolphin was mutilated to become a pufferfish.

I raised my eyebrow at her as she changed it to another shape again. This time a shark...

Those two weren't so creative, but next shape she did was a bit more bombastic. My dolphin had become a dugong.

Next up, my dolphin became a penguin.

Then a tortoise-that-resembled-a-dinosaur-more-than-a-tortoise.

And in the end, my dolphin became a lanjiao. Wtf?!

Well, she did say it was a slipper, but I'd say it looked more like a love rod than a slipper.

This kinda proves that the microsnow soft toy making companies don't really have to do much work to come up with some new shape or idea.
Just make one sausage-looking toy and poof!
A lapcheong gao! A sword! A bolster! A worm! A snake! Another lanjiao! Sick bastards...

This is what you call the Power of Imagination.


Friday, June 23, 2006 : 5 Nyatoh Memories...
Mike says:
Hey, they took down the ads for the
Janan and Zoe wedding!
And story is, acording to The Star newspaper on the 15th of June, Janan who is the owner of an advertising agency was so proud of his marriage to Zoe that he excitedly wanted to tell the world.
Unfortunately Zoe didn't think so when Janan took her around town to see the ads. At least I think she didn't.
I mean, according to the paper she screamed when she saw them all. It's not yet known if she screamed in joy or... just shock.

Well, at least the banners are down. Whew...

A huge apology to my readers for not being able to update the blog so far this week because I've been busy thus far with designing the class page for my school's year book.

Well, the good news is, I'm 95% done. The bad news is, the other 5% should've been done by yesterday.
Btw, you all have most probably noticed that I guest blogged for Skyler and vice versa. She'll be blogging for me in the future if ever something like this comes up again.

So anyway, along with the graphics editing and page designing, my class of 5 Nyatoh also took some memorable photos.

So for my blog entry, I shall post up some of the best photos.
And yes, this is another photo-filled entry.

Charles and Shaun prepare for another game of Quidditch.

The Three Stooges Stoners

Their last serenade?

Yes Jade, some classes can be such a bitch sometimes, innit?

Buttseckz, anyone?

Far range shots, solo runs, amazing volleys, fluke tap ins... goals have never come sweeter for us than these two years, eh Amir?

RSC? The BU2 park? The school team? No. These are the best teammates I could ever play alongside.

Charlie, with us you know you'll always be able to fly without wings no matter how big you are =)

The Mexican Nyatohrian Wave...

The monkeys of 5 Nyatoh couldn't stand being away from home for too long.

Any guesses as to which our favourite groundnuts are?

The Miss 5 Nyatoh beauty pageant contestants.

Mike's the REAL lady's man!

So is Amir...

...and Charlie too...

"Don't move, Deb! There's a freaking huge fly on your nose!"

Brandon Routhe KJ in Superman Returns!!!

Charlie's Angels...

"Amir o Amir o, oh where art thou?"



Saturday, June 17, 2006 : For the girls only.
Hello, pretty little people!

Sibeh lame Mike guestblogged on my blog and now won't let me blog on mine for the next 24 hours. Siao. I'm posting my post first thing tomorrow, regardless of the hour. Since he wrote such a boring post on mine, I'll write a boring one back.

He is cute. He is cuter than Mike.

He is cute. He is cuter than Mike. Even in a stupid pose like this. Mike also has stupid poses.

Damn you lucky Britons.
He is cute. Very cute.

He is also very very cute.

Here is Mike, he thinks he is cute.

Poor thing looks so out of his league here, don't you think?
Don't you just want to grab him and pull his cheeks and spoon-feed him?
Don't ya don't ya?!

Well, not me, because I'm taken.

But for the rest of you, score one for the underdog Mike!!!!

He is single, go get him.

Oh, and because Mike promoted his own blog unabashedly on mine, so will I.
I'm Skyler.
More people read me than Mike.
He is so jealous.


Friday, June 16, 2006 : Janan & Zoe
Mike says:
I've been feeling kinda emo lately. It's probably because of a couple of bad days at the office (or school) for the past week.
If things aren't looking up in the next few days, I may end up spoiling my blog by putting up some stupid pms or emo post. Please pray for my blog.

World Cup updates- England 2, Trinidad & Tobago 0. Germany 1, Poland 0. Sweden 1, Paraguay 0.
Equador 3, Costa Rica 0. France 0, Switzerland 0. Brazil 1, Croatia 0. S. Korea 2, Togo 1.

Since last week, the same type of advertising boards have been popping up like flies.
Now usually I wouldn't even care about what the billboard says or is about but these were a lil surreal until I had to blog about it.

Introducing Janan & Zoe, ladies and gentlemen.

Taken in Damansara Jaya, between KDU and Atria...

Who the hell are they? I have no idea myself.
Anyone who's seen these advertistments would definitely freak or laugh at the idea of publicising your marriage to such an extent.

Bandar Utama near One Utama, next to the Mobile and Shell petrol kiosks...

And this billboard isn't just confined to one place, no.
It's They're all over the place!!!!

Uptown Damansara Utama next to the mosque...

But bare in mind that these pics were taken from the car as it was raining so the quality ain't so good.

Bandar Utama, next to KBU and opposite Centrepoint

And if you thought the fact that this couple publicising their marriage so openly was so corny, then you probably haven't looked hard enough yet.
Check out the catch phrase!

"I found you! I do!"

I quote Skyler. So lame can die!!!
Just staring at that makes me want to puke my drawers out. ZOMG!

Anyway, I have come to a theory that maybe a friend of 'Janan' whom he always bullied or did favours for (depends how you define 'bully') wanted to get back at him and punblicised his so-called private marriage with 'Zoe'.
Sounds like a plan that's definitely working.

So then I thought maybe I should do the same because after all, what are friends for eh?

In front of their houses...

You can thank me in school, Amir. As for you, Aida.



Tuesday, June 13, 2006 : World Cup: Japan vs Australia
Mike says:
Ah bloody... exam results are out and I failed 5 subjects.
Well, if I don't blog for a while, you know what my parents have done.

World Cup updates: Italy 2, Ghana 0. Czech Republic 3, USA 0. Portugal 1, Angola 0.
Netherlands 1, Serbia Montenegro 0. Argentina 2, Ivory Coast 1.

This was such a good match I couldn't NOT blog about this.

After being a goal down thanks to a Toyota Honda Shunsuke Nakamura shot-that-wasn't-even-a-shot-but-a-cross (Mazda Suzuki Takahara was blocking goalkeeper Mark Schwartzer so I still think it was a foul), Japan were 1-0 up throughout the majority of the match until the 84th minute.

But whoever who watched the match could've told that Japan didn't deserve the lead.
Well for one, before the 75th minute, Japan accounted to have had 5 shots while Australia had 15.
But I take my hat off to Aji Namoto Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi for keeping his goal at bay for that long.

Naruto Samurai X Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi

Of course, that was when Australia struck back.
The introduction of Tim Cahill and John Aloisi at halftime gave Australia the extra stim flair that they had been missing for the previous hour.

Then in the 84th minute, the inevitable came when Tim Cahill scored the equaliser for Australia during a goalmouth scramble.

"Have no fear! Super Cahill is here!"

And if that wasn't enough, Time Cahill scored once again in another 4 minutes with a beautiful shot off the bar.

"Hey, wtf man? Just cuz I said no to a gay party later, we're not doing it now and here!!!"

Now 2-1 up, I was already filled with tears of joy, but that was not the end yet. John Aloisi scored the third Aussie goal in the 92nd minute to give Australia a 3-1 win over Japan.

"Seriously! Seriously!!!! This tastes like chocolate!"

WOOHOO!!!! 3 points for my country of birth!

And as I do recall, Pauline, you owe me a drink!!!

I say, bring on the boys from Brazil.



Saturday, June 10, 2006 : A New Look MikeDotOrg
Mike says:
World cup update- Sweden 0, Trinidad & Tobago 0. England 1, Paraguay 0. Equador 2, Poland 0.
And finally, the highest scoring opening game in the history of the World Cup- Germany 4, Costa Rica 2.

Welcome to the new look MikeDotOrg!!

Well, you guys voted for me Afi to design
a new template for me and well, tell me what you guys think.

Thanks a billion to
Afi for all you help in designing the new template.

I'll belanja you makan some time ya?
How'd you like an ice cold bowl of mouth watering Ice Kacang?

Haha, thanks again =D


Friday, June 09, 2006 : Who Do you Support This World Cup?
Mike says:
The Omen ain't scary... it isn't even a horror movie.
It's more of a action/adventure drama flick, but it was nice.
I like how the story goes, but the main character could have used a Phoenix Down or at least a godmode cheat code...

Weeee... Football fans rejoice, this is the one sporting moment the all of us look forward to, the world over every four years.
The opening ceremony in Germany starts tonight and all you gotta do is kick back, relax and enjoy the ride.

I, on the other hand, am gonna have a busy month.
For one, I shall be losing alot of money this month, skipping school regularly and for the first time in my life, I will be paying attention to something other than girls.

But this post shall be cattered to the less enthusiastic audience of the World Cup; those that couldn't care less who wins but is just in it for the thrill (or the money).
So which team will you be supporting for this World Cup?
Need a suggestion?

You could do what I did 8 years ago and support the favourite team which is, who else but, Brazil...

Brazil's the most football mad nation in the entire world.
In a country where the World Cup is practically a chance to shine, every single soul here knows how to play the beautiful game, and everybody enjoys it.

Brazil's just filled to the brim with talented players like Robinho and Ronaldinho, and also proven goal scorers such as Ronaldo.

Brazil is so great, that they could field a second strength team and that second strength team would beat England down flat.
Let's not talk about Malaysia because, face it, Brazil could field their amateur little league players (not even their third, fourth or fifth strength squad) and they will beat us down flat.

It's nor surprise as how many people are fearing the strength of Brazil this World Cup, unless of course they're supporting Brazil in the first place.

But if you aren't supporting the favourites and wanna go for something a lil more local, you'll wanna support either South Korea or Japan.

South Korea


Personally, I'm not a big fan of Japan mainly because, most supporters of Japan in Malaysia don't know anything about football but are so crazily behind them because they love anime, and it drives me crazy to hear them chant "Go Naruto!" when watching a football match...

So my advice to you is, support Japan only if you have a reason to... and please, get to know the names of at least one or two players before embarassing yourself at the local bar by shouting out names of some Anime characters. It's Nakata, not Naruto. Duh..

South Korea, on the other hand, is a truckload of talent- genuine talent.
Ok I take my hat off to some Japanese players like Nakamura and Takahara, but the other players are just overated.

Now where was I? Ah yes, South Korea.

Coached by ex-Netherlands coach, Dick Advocaat, this nation's known for producing speedy and destructive players.
Don't get what I mean? Well, take a look at Park Ji-Sung for one, Manchester United's midfield dynamo.

One of the few reasons why Manchester United have been winning so many games, scoring so many goals and finished second in the English Premier League table.

Still haven't found a team to support? Why not try supporting the underdogs. Saudi Arabia anyone? No? How about Togo? Trinidad and Tobago?


Well if you do decide to support Saudi Arabia, know that they conceded 12 goals and scored none in the last Wolrd Cup in 2002. As for Trinidad and Tobago and Togo, this the first time those two nations are appearing in the World Cup.

Trinidad and Tobago

So, it doesn't matter which you support because all three could get knocked out in the first round. Then again, go ahead and support all three...
If you bet money on them and one goes through, you'd be laughing your way all the way to the bank.

On the other hand, if you feel that you don't wanna be left out in conversations with your friends, colleagues and work-mates, you should probably support England.
It seems that everyone supports England but I don't know why.

Of course the most famous footballer plays in England plus people watch the EPL throughout the regular football season, so I assume that must be the reason.

David Beckham... gets more involved in more publicity than football

Personally, England would be an alternate team for me to see win the World Cup.
I'm not supporting them, I'm just hoping they win if the teams I support get knocked out.

Still haven't made up your mind on who to support yet? You can always follow me...

I support the Oranje men from the Netherlands because they have one of the most attractive style of football, next to Brazil.

In the 1980's they were labelled the Brazil of Europe because of their Total Football policy, which means anyone can play anywhere.
Midfielders could convert to strikers, strikers could convert to goalkeepers, defenders could convert to referees...

Call me an ass but I also support Holland's European rivals, Portugal. Why?
Because I play for them lah!

"I say a little prayer or two..."

Lmao just kidding, but I do like their coach Luiz Phillipe Scolari, the big man behind Brazil's triumph in 2002.

Behind that psychotic mind is a genius...

The Portugal football team isn't packed with stars unlike the Netherlands, Brazil or Argentina.
They are however, a team that has the most bonded teamwork in Europe.
Take their performance against the Netherlands in Euro 2004 for example.

Last but not least, I support Australia because that's my country of birth and I'll be going there in about three years time to study..
Yealah not many of you knew that I lived there before setting foot on the equator, but this is only the second time Australia are in the World Cup.

Coached by Guus Hiddink (the guy who led South Korea to the semi finals in 2002) , this team is my pick to be one of the dark horses to cause many upsets and surprises.

If you still haven't made up your mind, go ahead and support the hosts Germany.
This year, Germany will be relying on their best player to steer them through.

Their best player by far...

I gotta warn though, you may not end up feeling any much richer than you were before even if Germany win all their matches.

For me though, I shall stick to my selection. What's your favourite team?