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Saturday, February 10, 2007 : I can't do this anymore.

Just recently I've been blogging more and more seldomly as time went by.
Sometimes it was because I don't have the damn time to blog interesting topics anymore or I can't think of interesting topics to blog about.

Either way I've got a serious case of writer-with-no-time's block.
So to all my loyal readers, thanks for the support, thanks for reading, thanks for the coments and tags, thanks for supporting this blog.

No I'm not quitting blogging but I am going to take a very long hiatus to keep my mind where it should be, and hopefully when I return the creative juices will stimulate again and well, I'll see where that takes me.

So here, if you guys really want something to read from my blog here are some of my most memorable posts:

1. The OBS Saga- The country's most notorious camps because of the grueling labour, high fees and amazing scenery. I was there. I came, I saw, I made many new friends, I miss the place like hell. If you ever feel like going there, read my diary to see if it suits your liking. It most likely will. :)

2. Viva La Mike debut- The post which showed everyone a new perception of MikeDotOrg as a one-man-Whatever-Things-crew.

3. Pepsi Gold- My Pepsi Gold review which paved my way to blogger stardom for a few months. Short fame. But it was the best fame I ever had. :)

4. Diet Coke + Mentos- My second and last Viva La Mike video. One of the most popular Diet Coke and Mentos videos on YouTube with about 30,000 views to date.

5. Romando vs Selatan- My best friend Amir's and my parody of the totally cool Nike Football video featuring Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Some people say our version is more cool than stupid, which surprises me but makes my day. I place this as the best football post on my blog.

6. The Mikes at War- Just practically me showing off my photoshop skills to make a cool comic featuring myself as all four main characters.

7. You Learn It On TV- My favourite but somehow least popular popular post.

8. Malaysia Just Does It- My last interesting post. Enjoy!

Well this is my very last post for quite a while. See you guys a few months down the road.
Maybe in April. Maybe in July. Maybe in September. Maybe even next year.

Goodbye for now readers.
Goodbye for now MikeDotOrg.


Thursday, February 01, 2007 : I *heart* College
Mike says:
Eh, sorry I can't update as consistent as I did last time.
College assignments seem to creep up on me when I think I have some extra time to blog lah. Oh and my driving law test is tomorrow so I've been putting off blogging to try my very best to convince myself to try to study the big book of Malaysian Road Laws and do the sample qeustions...
So long story short, I haven't studied and my test is tomorrow. Oh row-dee-doo...

As y'all know I can't blog today so I took the initiative to post up pics of my newest friends from college and stuff.
Heh, enjoy. You too, Aliah.

The girl with the camera addiction and the girl with the unfortunate distorted face.

Fann Wong and her fan boy

I was just checking how legal the tint was.. and the good news is, it's legal.

Official group picture of 2006. Says me.

My cam's got the BEST preset frames. Innit right, hippie?

Mo (yes, Mo like the Simpson's Mo): The oddball dude who's somehow mirraculously not in any of the group pictures.

Viv: The one who's brilliantly been able to dodge al our candid shots has finally been captured. Woohoo!

Beni's plush turtle gets the Amir-treatment.

Aliah: Well, all I can say is this pic looks very familiar.

Lo and behold, my first candid pic on this blog..

There is no dodging my quick candid hands, Beni...