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Friday, March 31, 2006 : MyHeritage.Com
Mike says:
Omg, since being dropped from my school team, my football form has dropped below par...
With the school's futsal competition coming up, I gotta hit top form soon to rub the coach's decision to drop me in his face...
... then maybe I can get a re-call = D.
But at the moment it all seems so pretentious =(

At the moment I'm kinda addicted to this website called MyHeritage.Com.
MyHeritage is a website that scans a given photo for a person's face, then matches that face to a celebrity's.
Actually it doesn't even have to be a person's face, it can even be a dog, cat, mouse or something really hideous like my school's principle...

So like Kennysia, Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi, I thought I'd post my results up and let you guys know whom I look like.

Disclaimer: I knew about this site even before Kennysia or Mr Brown put up their posts so if you're some cowardly anonymous post accusing me of copycatting, please fuck off...

So what i did first was get a really really vain photo of myself...

Then put it up on MyHeritage...

And George Clooney is whom I got...
George Clooney's not a bad look-a-like, considering he's 40+ years old and many women still think of him as the sexiest beast alive.

And so I put up another tulan pic of myself as I was starting to get addicted to the website...

And once again, I got George Clooney...

Wahlaneh! This thing's serious man, I really look like Danny Ocean, man!

This was getting a lil bit surreal so I thought I'd try one last time and see if I could get Mr Clooney again...

HOLY SHIT! I'm a sexy beast!!!
An old beast, but still a sexy beast... Dude, I'm starting to love this website more and more...

So over time, I started to camwhore more than usual (which is a hundred times more than your average GUY should) so that I could post my photos up on MyHeritage to see what other celebrity I look like.
Secretly, of course, I was hoping I'd come out looking like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Well... at least half of my wish came true.

I'm no longer a sexy beast, but an overweight overated oversponsored bucktoothed footballer.

Well, could've been worse, Chiak told me that he came out looking like Ronaldinho.
It's a bloody pity that he wouldn't give me the picture he used so that I could put it up on my blog. What's wrong, dei?! People laugh only wat!

Yahor... really look alike hor...

Anyway... unsatisfied with my results, I took more tulan photos of myself and posted them up...

...and I got Smallville's heart-throb Tom Welling. Nod bad lah...

Anyway, I soon got bored of the whole I-look-like-George-Clooney-yesterday-today-I-look-like-Ronaldo-tomorow-I'll-look-like-Tom-Welling-but-I'll-always-look-like-Sammi-Cheng ordeal so I decided to move myself on to group photos.

The cheeky thing about group photos is that when you're posing dumbfuckingly tulan with your friends, you actually make the movie poster of a dude flick.

Warner Bro's Dude Where's my Car???

So I wondered to myself, if I were to star in a movie with my friends who'd be the best actor to play my part. He'd have to be as pretty as me, he'd have to sound like me and he MUST be able to play the role of a goofball. So first person who came to my mind was Adam Sandler.

Nope, Adam Sandler's role went to Chiak...
...but wtf?!?! Luis Figo?! Dei! Luis Figo not actor la!!!

So I screwed the movie idea for the time being and just put up more group photos...

Here's a pic of me and Zahir posing with our new boots at Nando's in Bintang Walk on my birthday.

If you ask me though, this is the most hair-raisingly accurate look-a-like photo I've seen by far.
Jet Li and Tiger Woods... Not bad, it's got a good ring to it...

Of course when I said that was the most uncanny resemblance, I was wrong...

Cuz together, Chiak and I look like the two deadliest Asian footballers playing in the English Premier League- Hidetoshi Nakata and Park Ji-Sung.

Holy crap, dude!

So at the end of the day, I was told that I looked like George Clooney, Ronaldo, Tom Welling, Luis Figo, Jet Li AND Park Ji Sung.

So try it youself, which celebrity do you look like? Feel free to post your results in my comments box or chatterbox.
And now I'd like to end this entry with my little curious experiments gone wrong hillarious thanks to MyHeritage.

Colonel Kernel Sandars aka Mr KFC looks like...
...China's ex-Prime Minister Jiang Zemin aka the guy with the huge nostrils

The actor of Jesus in The Passion of The Christ bears the uncanny resmblance to...

The DIRECTOR of The Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson... scary...

Leonardo Da Vinci's model masterpiece The Mona Lisa now looks like...
...that guy who played the No-IQ supermodel Derick Zoolander in Zoolander, Ben Stiller.

Notorious Al-Quaeda leader Osama bin Laden, on the other hand, looks like...

David Schwimmer aka Ross Gellar of Friends...
No prize to whoever who can guess who would be selected to play Osama should there be a film about him...


Saturday, March 25, 2006 : SMK Damansara Utama vs SMK Bandar Utama
Mike says:
I initially wanted to fit this entry into this little 'Mike says' segment but it was long enough to become a post all by itself.

I'm having a bad day = (
Today was my school football team's first friendly game of the year.

Surprisingly I was in the starting XI of the U-18 squad against SMKBU...
The starting line up was in a 4-3-3 formation and I was leading striker.

SMKDU U-18 XI: Roughly how the coach's notes was like...

The U-15 squad played their game against their SMKBU counterparts first where they lost 2-0, both goals coming from the second half.
Then came our game against the U-18.

I played a moderately nice game where I won a freekick on the line, in front of goal and had a header from Amir's corner saved off the line by a suspected handled ball. Other than that, I guess I gave the defender who was marking me a good torment.

The game ended with a 2-0 loss, one in the first half the other in the second.
The second half squad was completely different from the first though.

Immediately, the next game started.
It was the U-15's rematch. This time though, they won 1-0.

Encouraged by their win, we headed into the game with the same squad as the last game's first half starting XI. We took the lead this time in the first or second minute after Shafiq J delivered a perfect ball for Shaun to beautifully chip over the keeper.

Pittifully I was tired this half and was being man marked by two defenders this time. knnccb...
If one defender wasn't enough, two was definitely a handful... and these aren't the type of defenders that once beaten are too slow to catch up with you.
These are the type that are fast enough to chase you down like a dog and can really use their body weight like a rhinno (which was the reason how I won the free kick in the first half anyway =P)

"Hey, 2 on 1! No fair!"

So I was subbed off and that ended my game.

Later, the coach goes on and tells me I'm not in the squad to compete in the MSSD competition just because of one bloody half!
From starting striker to reserve junkie! OMFG! I feel like a loser >= (
Ah well, I'm not particularly that bitter anyway...
I mean I did manage to gain the respect of my team mates and in my opinion, the coach made the wrong decision kicking me out cuz the replacement's not exactly that much better than I anyway...

Ah well, what's done is done.. now I would like to see if the team can make it as far as last year's squad who won the competition.
Pity though, I can't be right there with them cheering them on as the entire district competes to be the most feared team to go into state level.


Thursday, March 23, 2006 : The Missing Jigsaw Pieces
Mike says:
My results for my school's first term didn't turn out as bad as I expected.
2 A1's
1 B3
3 C's
2 D's
2 fails....
Not TOO bad especially since I got my two fails first followed by my two D's...

Some time back, I've submitted a couple of blog entries that were sorta 'incomplete'.
What I mean is they didn't have a certain number of photos that I had intended to be there because of one reason only, I was too lazy to look for them I forgot to go find them I didn't have the photos, and my sources were...er... limited XD

During the week before the Malaysian Traditions Awareness Day, I took a couple of photos during the practice but didn't put them up for i couldn't find the time and place to. So here they are...

Models Pei Chen and Li May

Models Yeh Ern and Jin Hong (in front), Kenneth and Han Sern (behind)

The models, excluding Ming Han and limpeh...

Then a week later, I lacked photos for the Malaysian Traditions Awareness Day itself. I couldn't find any of the modelling or events photos cuz noone i asked had them... grrr... so I had to trudge through Friendster to find these photos.

Models Debra and Li May.

The female models of the Malaysian Traditions Awareness Day.

A day before that was the RSC In-House tournament and I didn't have any photos on it for one reason and one reason only, the bloody RSC website took its own sweet time to upload the photos. THINK ABOUT YOURSELF ONLY AR?! WHAT ABOUT ME?! WHAT ABOUT MY BLOG!?!?

Standing row from left: Coach Budi, Sheagan, bigshot 1, bigshot 2, Arthur, Ariff, me, Coach Guna
Kneeling row from left: Neera, Billy, Anwar, JB, Adrian

The first four teams are the U-19 teams of the tourney during the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony, an hour under the scorching hot sun listening to pointless boring speeches by the RSC bigshots.

In my second hairstyle post, I put a pic of my latest hairstyle which resembled Chad Michael Murray's...

But here's a better taken pic than the one I put there.

Finally, in my Underworld:Evolution review, there was an Anonymous comment asking me to photoshop my own pic to look like a vamp from the movie... and so I did.

I know my 'tattoo' looks extremely fake but as Kington says, "A guy who takes a pic of himself without his shirt is probably gay, unless he's showing off a tattoo or a piercing"

Feel free to post your comments to tell me what you think about any of the photos...


Friday, March 17, 2006 : Underworld:Evolution
Mike says:
I'm sick and down with a fever, sore throat and flu. Hope this ain't bird flu.

Day before yesterday, I went to One Utama with Amir and Mei Khong to watch Underworld:Evolution...

Actually it's more like I went there alone, then returned home, then returned ran sprinted back to OU to meet up with them.
Don't understand what I mean?
It's a long story..

Amir and Mei Khong went to jam at Akarkarya studios with Charles and Shaun from 2 to 4. I went to OU at 3.30 to buy the tickets I had booked for the 6.00 movie. After I purchased the tickets, I recieved an sms from Mei Khong saying they couldn't make it.

Like WTF?!?!?!?!

Apparently Amir had a stomache ache and Mei Khong had to follow him wherever.
But still, I bought the blooming tickets and they tell me they can't make it. So I went back home pissed, after failing to convince them to come.
That was at 4. So I washed off the wax from my hair and changed to my football attire so that I could go for a lil kick around later that day and take my frustration out on the ball.

Then right before I was about to leave my house, I get an sms from Mei Khong saying that he and Amir are in OU and if I still have the tickets.

Like WTF(again)?!?!?!?!?!

So once again I changed my clothes and slopily put on my hair wax and ran to OU in vain.
When I got out of my house, I checked my watch and it showed 5.45.
Shit, 15 minutes until the movies starts.

FYI, OU from my house is only a 5 minute walk (or 2 minute sprint), but GSC from my house is about a 10 minute walk/sprint (with the number of people in OU, walking and sprinting keeps you at the same pace)

So I tried in vain to get to GSC before at least 6.
My luck! I got there at 5.55!

But I was kinda tired to screw Amir and Mei Khong for making me waste my time ( I could've waited in OU for them). Apparently Amir's stomache was feeling better and Mei Khong's sis was in OU.


Underworld:Evolution is THE movie of the year for me. No doubt about that.
I don't know, maybe it was cuz I watched the prequel just the day before.

For those of you who don't know what Underworld:Evolution is about, it's about the raging war between the vampires and the lycans (werewolves) from the medieval age till they swapped swords for guns, horses for cars, metal armour for bullet-proof vests.
From Underworld, we learned that Selene (Kate Beckinsale) was betrayed by the very people she trusted.
In the first one, she slayed the tai koh and in the sequel, she's out to slay the ma chai.

Remember this guy? There that tai loh who got his head chopped off 45 degrees in the first Underworld!

Little does she know that the last person she wants to sought help from, Lord Marcus, is also going to betray her.
Hmm, maybe 'betray' isn't the right word this time. The word I'm looking for is 'temporarily own'.

King Marcus, the tai tai loh. Bigger than the previous tai loh.

That's where the movie really starts, but I'm not so stupid as to give out spoilers for the movie.

Anyway, alongside her is her companion, ally and lover, Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman, whom Amir pointed out resembles Creed's ex lead singer Scott Stapp) the hybrid vampire/werewolf/nigga.

And together they journey to put an end to Lord Marcus.
That would seem impossible, in gaming terms it's like a level 10 character trying to fight a level 50 boss. Sure die wan!

Well, what I was totally fixated on through out the entire movie was Kate Beckinsale. I mean only she could fit so nicely and sexily into a black leather catsuit and corset.

This is all it takes to make any red blooded male such as myself pant and beg for more...

Other than that, I was kinda distracted by the variety of guns the producers put into this movie unlike the first one where they were limited to handguns, submachine guns and AK-47's.

I was also totally captivated by the fact that that the vampires' eyes turn icy blue when they're in 'battle mode'. I happen to think that's pretty damn cool!

But when Selene had those icy blue eyes, I thought that it was not only cool but hella hott with a double 't'!!
I mean i wanna try getting icy blue contacts lenses but I think it would be long after the craze until I finally get my pair so I decided to photoshop it on instead.

But being the horny bastard I am, I didn't photoshop it onto myself, no. I chose a real target.
Someone sexy. Someone whom, as easily as Kate Beckinsale, can make me sweaty all over. Someone who likes vampires and was willing enough to let me photoshop her. Someone like Cher.

I modified the eyes and her top... and daym she's lookin fine, innit right Cher?

At the end of it all, I give the storyline the two thumbs up. I give the ideas and innovations a five star rating. I give Kate Beckinsale an A+.
But the one thing I don't really get is how come vampires can see their reflections in the mirror and how come vampires need torchlights. Dude, vampires cannot see in the dark ah?!



Tuesday, March 14, 2006 : The Mikes
Mike says:
What a game of football yesterday, lost 9-7 but I created four goals including one hattrick for Kovieen on my return to playing at the 'Reflexology Field' since the
warm up game for The Match for Cher.
After that, I hung out with parties from both teams at McD's then went to school at 2.
From there went to school to do some Biology crap before going to a 'nearby' cybercafe (in DJ) with my fellow Nyatoh classmates to lose in DotA and CounterStrike.
Football, lepak, playing the fool, cybercafes...
I feel like the teenage junkie I'm supposed to be =D

Following in the footsteps of Kenny Sia, XiaXue and Mr Brown as well as the Nike Lebron James ad, I will now use my cut and paste photoshop skills for good use:

Creating clones of myself.

Meet the Mikes
From left to right: Footballer Mike, Junkie Mike, Nerd Mike, Workout Mike, Lepak Mike.

In a way, my idea is a cross between The Lebrons and The Barbie Dolls.

This post is kinda short but entertaining nonetheless, aye?
Watch this space for more on The Mikes...


Friday, March 10, 2006 : The Underground Tunnel in DU-DJ
Mike says:
In loving memory of my old
tomatoe red Nike Mercurial Talaria II's....
..but check out my
new pair. It looks the same but it's much lighter...

btw, exams are over and the holidays have just begun...

A week before the Malaysian Tradition's Awareness Day, during the rehearsal's break time, Seng Yau, Chiak and I decided to go to McD's in uptown DU.
The only problem was how the hell we'd get there since we were in DJ, and DU was on the other side of the LDP Highway.

There was an option though, we could walk through the underground jejantas to the other side.
Although I've never done it before, Seng Yau said that the place was dark as hell, smelly as hell and people have gotten raped down there before since it's so damn dark.

Alot of thoughts ran through my head when he said that,
"Is hell dark?"
"Is hell smelly?"
"Holy shit, dude! What if I got raped down there? I don't want my exit hole to become an entry hole man!"

As Chiak and Seng Yau started to walk towards the long road leading to the tunnel, I stopped them.
"Dude should we get a taxi?" I asked nervously.
"You fuck la! Waste money onli! Walk can oledi la! Nabeh!" said a very kiamsap Chiak.
"WALK ah? Sure anot?" I asked again.
"What, you scared people rape you ah?! Noone wanna rape u la!" said Chiak again.
"Yealor! Who wanna rape you la? Look so damn fugly oso.." added Seng Yau.

Gee friend, thanks alot.

I mean what's so unattractive about me. I can be sexy right? I mean I can look sexy doing anything, even peeing!

How sexy is THAT? I should be on the cover for Playgirl for this...

Anyway, sorry I digress.
So we proceeded to walk to the tunnel, towards a huge flight of stairs down into the dark walkway.

As we walked down, the smell got abruptly worse, like if you think the car-exhaust-cum-hawker-stall smell was bad, you probably are a stupid city slicker that don't know no shit.
I'm talking raw deal, fucked up, pissed about bad smell here. Put it this way, it's skunk heaven.

Apparently, it's so dark that people PEE here and noone would stop and stare because of the darkness. The pee then dries up, becomes black, stale and rotten, then people pee on it again. And this unique cycle goes on...

The black stuff IS the pee....

So we reached the walkway after struggling down those 23 steps of torcher. When we got down, the smell had reached it's climax and even the Man of Steel, Chiak, was pounding his chest to start breathing again.

After halfway walking through the long walkway, I got immune to the smell and let loose to look arond.

"What the fuck, man? It's not dark down here at all.." I said.
"They must have added lights lor," replied Seng Yau.
"Hey dudes, check it out wei!" suddenly Chiak screamed as he always does.

He pulled our attention to the walls.

Like dude, check out the graffiti. We were walking for about a minute and had not even noticed the drawings on the wall. Nice art, I tell you...

But unfortunately the beautiful drawings occupied only half of one side of the wall. Nowonder we hadn't noticed it earlier.

We made our way outside a couple of minutes later and DAMN did I miss the sweet smell of city air.

We proceeded to have lunch at McD's and then to Starbucks, talking about the terrible smell of the underground tunnel and how it would be the perfect spot for a typical Asian horror movie like Ju-On and Ringu. Or maybe even a darkly-themed action thriller movie like Collateral.

That's when I asked the most potong stim question of the day.
"So how do we get back?"

In an urban-suburban place like Damansara, I still can't believe that this tunnel hasn't been renovated to look or at least smell nicer.
But I guess noone would want to wash it. Even if you paid that person a million bucks to do it, he won't do it alone.
By year 2020, I do hope to see this place renovated or else it would be a huge disappointment.


Friday, March 03, 2006 : Hairstyles II
Mike says:
Aw bloody hell, my favourite red Nike Mercurial Talaria II boots tore when training with the school team on Thursday =(. Those were my lucky pair and now they're gone.
And with the exams next week, it happens to be just my luck. Nabeh.
And by the way, this will be a long blog post...
Special thanks to my ex-girlfriend, Sel, who helped me photoshop the final pic. Looks really pro to me...


This is the long awaited sequel to the popular, and not to mention infamous, hairstyles blog entry in January.
Since then, my frequent change of hairstyle had been drastic.

Usually, I would change my hairstyle once every three or four months or so. But from the end of January until the end of Chinese New Year, I've had three different hairstyles already.

Before I display all three, let me just tell you guys that once I've already experimented with most of the common hairstyles known to mankind, it's hard to be original or repeat the hairstyles.

So without further ado, here are the three hairstyles I had within a period of three weeks.

Messy Side-parted Hairstyle

After each bath, I dry my hair with a towel, push it to the right and walk out. That's how simple it is.

Rocker Hairstyle

I tried not to copy Jay Chou or Gerard Way again and came to a cross between both AND Ashton Kutcher.

Mohawk Hairstyle

Styled differently from the previous mohawk. This one's a dryer look.

Fast forward a month later and I've changed my hairstyle again. This time I took the inspiration from a character from a TV show I frequently download tune in to (piracy sucks, btw).
What other better teen show to watch other than One Tree Hill?
I mean it revolves around basketball and the messed up lives of 6 people. Kinda like Friends, only minus the comedy and plus the basketball. FYI, I'm a big fan of basketball, I just can't play.
Anyway, sorry I digress.

I took my hairstyle idea from the character who gets the most airtime, Lucas Scott (played by Chad Michael Murray. Cue: Screaming teenage girls)

That's his hair, and this is mine.

Most popular dude in class, most chronic dude in class and the most respected girl in class...

I know it doesn't look 100% alike but I kinda like it.
So, four hairstyles in one and a half months (three of which came in three weeks). People keep telling me that I should settle for a permanent hairstyle but I am yet to find a suitable style although this one's particularly caught my attention.

Why don't you guys tell me what you think?


Moving on to another topic, I've recieved many replies from you readers out there to what wild hairstyle I should try out next. So I went on to do my research and rounded it down to the best hairstyles suggestions and how I'd get them, in order.

That was the easy part, I then took the time I was supposed to use on studying and photoshopped my face onto those hairstyles and I found the result satisfying.
I did notice a couple of things while I was photoshopping my faces onto these hairstyles:
1. My photoshopping skills are bad. Period. End of Story. No More Talk.
2. It's not easy to find a picture of a particular hairstyle with the same size and angle as the picture of my face.
3. So this is how come there are so many nude pictures of Keira Knightley online.

Anyway, I thought I'd copy American Idol IV Runner-Up Bo Bice's long rocker hairstyle.

And this is what I came up with.

I know the hair is brown but my hair colour DID change because of the result of my perm, remember?

Then after that, I would plan to cut my hair a bit shorter and do what Seng Yau keeps bugging me to try and follow Travis Barker's (the drummer Blink 182) hairstyle.

Yes, it is a long and ambitious mohican... and so I tried to follow suit.

It's not as satisfying knowing that my head is mostly shaven off except for the middle part.
Then after my hair grows back to normal, I thought I'd do an Alan Smith...

...and bleach my hair, J-STYLE!!!

Oh my God. I don't know which part I feel about that pic is weirder- the colour of my hair or the fact that I'm proudly wearing a Man Utd jersey without throwing up.

After that, if my friends haven't left me, if I'm not kicked out of college or school, if my girlfriend doesn't dump me and if I still have access to the internet after being kicked out of the house, I'd go and get my hair braided into cornrows... while it's still bleached!

Anyways, blonde or black, long or short, I'm keeping my dreams realistic. The second half of this post was just for fun and I'm not making any promises.
But although I don't plan to copy the hairstyles I just wrote about for now, you will never know if I eventually change my mind will you?

Today you may see me in my Chad-Michael-Murray-Hairstyle, but tomorrow you may see me with long flowing blonde hair.
God I hope not...