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Thursday, December 29, 2005 : About Me


Hey guys, welcome to my blog... if you're wondering who the hell I am, well here's the 411.
I originally started blogging on friendster blogs under this link.
And then I realised that Friendster Blogs only allowed me limited posts before deleting some older posts by themselves.... That's when I finally started sot blogspot.
I love football (soccer). I play it occasionally but I'd hate to say I'm good. Lets just say some people have their opinions on me while others have the opposite.
Anyway, I love music... Any type of music you throw at me, I'd listen to. But it's mosty rock and metal.

My posts are about life. Life is boring, most of the time. But that's usually an overstatement. Boring is defined as a mood someone is in, eventhough the situation is somewhat complex. That's where my blog description, When Boring Is Not Never Interesting, comes in.
I am always bored. End of story. Period. No more talk... In fact, I only realise how interesting something is after the moment's gone.
If you're wondering why you've seen this post somehwhere before, it's because I base my blog mainly on kennysia.com. He's my blog idol. Love every single post he does.
But no, i'm not trying to be the next kennysia (Malaysia's next top blogger). I'm trying to be MikeDotCom aka MikeDotNet aka MikeDotOrg. I'm in no way as good in photoshopping as he, mainly because i'm never as free...
I am Mike, not a copycat.


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Blogger Jay Dee said...

I so happened to stumble across this thing... actually no. Zahir told me and I was feeling blur and I wasn't too interested in reading your other stuff... I mean, it's all from Feb??? So I skipped to the beginning and that is that.


you isn't mikeynotcopycat.
you is wazowski (=^.^=)

October 08, 2007 6:17 PM  

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