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Friday, January 27, 2006 : Gong Hei Fatt Choi
Mike says:
I recieved my first hate comment on my last post. Honestly, I rather these people reveal their identity to me so that I can find them and personally kick their ass.
Oh and I'm routting for the Ivory Coast to win this year's African Cup Of Nations.

This blog will not be updated throughout the first four days of Chinese New Year.
So Gong Hei Fatt Choi and Happy New Year to all you readers out there.

May Choy San bring you lots of nice bloated ang pows this New Year's.

May you put on 'New Year' weight with all the beautiful and fattening good food of New Year's.
May you start your year with full of prosperity and happiness.
May you listen non-stop to the Si Qian Jin aka 4 Little Golden Princess and their oh-not-so-irritating qi-ge-long-dong-qiang-dong-qiang..

Happy Chinese New Year, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dudes and dudettes...


Friday, January 20, 2006 : Hairstyles
Mike says:
Bloody hell, I'm out with a toe injury after tripping on my sister's shoe to hit the edge of my front doorstep yesterday. At least I scored a nice goal yesterday and showed off some showboat-skills.

Anyone whom you have met would tell you that my hairstyle is weir, funny or nice. Out of those people, none of them would speak of the same hairstyle.
I am a man of many hairstyles. I am also a very vain man. I am a very vain man with hundreds of ideas of new hairstyles, but recently my creativity has been waning. The fountain i draining. I'm shooting blanks.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Mike may finally settle for ONE hairstyle for the rest of his life.... not.
I'm just having a problem deciding on what new hairstyle I should get myself, so I'm gonna let you readers decide how I should design my mop-top.

Before you people start spamming my comments box or my tag board with weird hairstyles, here's a brief intro to the best styles of my hair history since last year.

Mohawk Hairstyle (February/June 2005):

This hairstyle was first spotted by me before the 2002 World Cup in Japan/Korea on, whoe else but, David Beckham. Back then I thought it was stupid-looking, retarded and only suited those badboy types. Until now, I still think it's stupid, retarded and for bad boys... and that's why I chose it.

David Beckham's World Cup hair and my Kurap hair...

Emo Hairstyle
(June/September 2005):

After my mohawk hair grew too long to put up (in school anyway), I thought I'd force my hair to the side and see how that turned out. I got this idea from My Chemical Romance's lead singer, Gerard Way although his version is a bit elaborate....

Gerard Way and his emo hair: longer than mine, shorter than it is now

Middle-Parted aka 'Playboy' Hairstyle (September/November):

This is probably the most common hairstyle you see anywhere in the world. I don't have to explain it, you don't have to be educated on it, noone has to stare at it, unlike the others. Many celebs have been spotted having this hair including Hugh Grant, David Beckham, Brad Pitt and me...

aka Pubic Hairstyle (both sound stupid anyway, November-December 2005)

Eh! Don't laugh or limpeh will whack kao lu seh! Don't pray pray, understeng?!

This is personally my most favourite hairstyle of all my hairstyles. The perming trip was a lil scary since the whole salon was filled with women. Anyway, I survived it and ended up looking like an ah beng Cristiano Ronaldo.

Wei! Stare kok wat? Guy cannot perm hair ah?

Spaghetti Spiked
aka Lala Hairstyle (December 2005/January 2005)

Back to the first hairstyle I got 5 years ago. Of course there were some strends that I left long to see how it would turn out. Chiak said it looked freaking lala but it looks cool when I run around. The long strends flail around and gives the i-worked-hard image.

So what's up with my hairstyle now? Well, due to the perm, my hair became unhealthy for a short period and then turned brown for a long period. Even some teacher's thought that I dyed my hair. Siao ah? Limpeh fucking hates hair-dye!

You can't see it that well here, but DAMN it's brown!

I've been thinking that maybe I should leave my hair long again and do an Allen Iverson...

Wah! Mike wanna copy gua punya hair ah? I drooling over the flattery wei!

So anyway, Seng Yau, Cher, Kington, Amir, Zahir and all my other readers can feel free to suggest new hairstyles on the chatterbox or my comments section.

One thing's for sure, I'm definitely not repeating any of the worst hairstyles that I had...



Saturday, January 14, 2006 : Fall Of Justice
Mike says:
FINALLY! My dismal start to the year in football is coming to an end. I scored 5 goals in my side's 7-5 win over the other team at my park today. Not only that, i reclaimed my showboating touch... It shall not be long until I start playing consistently again...

Disclaimer: If your name is Ming Han and you are from 5 Keledang in SMKDU, i suggest you do not read any further. If you do happen to read any further, this disclaimer entitles me to sue you in court for beating the shit out of me. And if any of the stated reasons for beating me up are mentioned: 'looking ugly', 'putting on weight' or 'smells like sotong', I shall send my dogs after you. This disclaimer doesn't entitle you to sue me in return... Haha!
Just kidding dude... Three of your Untitled's Undecided's bandmates are just doing a lil side project with me. Nothing more lah!

Yesterday, I published a moody post but managed to squeez in my main plan of what i wanted to do today.
So now that Saturday's finally come, and almost gone. I can give you readers a little preview on who and what Fall of Justice are....

Fall of Justice is a metal band formed by Uncircumsised's Undecided's lead guitarist, Amir, and I. Also in Fall of Justice is Unicorn's Undecided's drummer, Charles, and backup guitarist, Jeffrey. Bassist Mei Khong makes up the rest of the band. As a few of you have been shocked upon hearing guessed, I am the lead singer of the band.
But come to think of it, it's not really a shocking decision to make me vocalist. After all, Pierre is the lead singer of bullshit irritating fucked up retarded PUNK RAWK band Simple Plan and let's face it, his voice is as whiney as my little sister asking for food after she's been locked up in her room for 6 days straight.

Okok! so me and Mei Khong arrived together at Akarkaya Studios to meet the rest of our band for jam practice. We walked into the studio to no surprise that Jeffrey and Charles were already there playing.

Why so scared? I take picture only dei! Won't eat you wan!

My only question is this, how the hell do you hear the music in thos headphones when you bang the drum so loud?! Xiao ar?!

Truth is I didn't know Jeffrey was in the band until recently. So much for being the lead singer and all...
So as Mei Khong was supposed to be taught the bass by Amir today (yes, he doesn't know how to play the bass yet but Amir's teaching him... yet he's still in a band), he just sat around as I tested the mic's volume and tried to tone my voice to match the songs we were gonna play.

IN came Amir, penuh gaya with his distortion and wahwah paddles. As we waited for him to connect them, I took the bass guitar off the stand and started pretending to know what to do with it, before Amir grabbed it from me to start teaching Mei Khong. As this was Mei Khong's first time, he didn't really touch the bass guitar so much using 'Charles bangs the drums too loud, I cannot hear the bass' as an excuse.
I'm really confident though that he will get the hang of it and start playing it well... that is, if he doesn't quit the band first.

In time, that face will be alongside ours on every FOJ album sold worldwide!

So anyway, we kicked off the jamming by practising Taking Back Sunday's Cute Without The 'E'. For the first song of they day, I'd say we didn't do THAT bad...
From there, we went on to do Enter Sandman by Metallica, then Helena by My Chemical Romance...

Honestly, I couldn't catch the tempo of the song so I sang way too fast, then way too slow before Mei Khong got fed up from watching, got up then took the mickey and demanded we play Cochise by Audioslave... sadly his request wasn't fulfilled at all for the rest of the session.
Even so, he retained the mic for the next song, Duality by Slipknot. I was gritting my teeth at not being let to sing one of my favourite songs. Then again, it was his fave too.

Unfortunately for him (but fortunate enough for me), he couldn't remember some of the lyrics que-ing my move to kick him away from the mic stand.

So then the next song Amir, Charles and Jeffrey wanted to play was Like Light To Flies by Trivium. This was a song I wasn't very familiar with so I sat it out and let Amir take the lead.

Cheh! Purposely play that song to replace me and take MY spotlight! MY fame! MY glory!

Well, honestly they managed that song pretty well without me. The next song we tried to play was System of a Down's Chop Suey. I say this is the second best song we played the entire session. Then came the vocally half-cooked Before I Forget (Slipknot). My screaming was kinda perfect for this song but I forgot the verse lyrics.

In the end, we ended the session with playing Cute Without The 'E' and Like Light To Flies Again...

I'd say this was the best two hours ever spent music-wise...

Oh and if any of you are wondering why there aren't any pictures of myself put up on this page, it's because I always save the BEST for last..



Friday, January 13, 2006 : Slow week

Mike says:

To my ex whom I hope reads this particular post, noone cares who you are, noone cared who you were with, noone cared if i told the world. You're way too paranoid and since I didn't get to talk to you in school today I want to let you know that I don't want forgiveness, I don't wanna apologise. I just want to let you know that what you're doing (avoiding me in the most unbelievably obvious ways) is bothering me. I'm not staring cock at you because I'm stalking you. I had you, I loved you, I lost you... So don't misunderstand me when I say this. I don't care about you anymore, you're just another girl to me and please don't think that I care. Just do me, and the people who ask me about it, a favour when I say don't avoid me, just walk on by...

Damn, it's been a slow week for me.... Gawd, it just feels as though time has frozen still for this week. These 3 days have been going at snail speed.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday...

The Leo project's being a bitch to my already hectic schedule. Long story short, I'm organising the games at a Malaysian's Traditions Day organised by my school's Leo Club and... well, it's hard. What's worse is I had to sign up to be a 'groom' for the an example of a Malaysian Traditional Wedding. I was originally hoping I'd be paired with hottie Nikki but I got paired with Sen Meng instead. It's not a bad thing, but I only signed up to walk down the aisle with Nikki. Then I was told that I was going to model for some Chinese traditional costume alongside Ming Han...

Modeling? Us? I can immagine....

Leo's not only being a bitch but being unwanted sodomy....
PLUS, my bad run in form continues in football but I'll be back with more skills. Just you people wait...
Moving on to another topic, one thing to look forward to is the practice sessions of Fall of Justice.

FYI, Fall of Justice is MY Band and don't worry, you readers will be the first to know if ever we have a record out. We are a progressive/metal/emo/punk band mainly influenced by Slipknot, Dream Theater, Story of The Year and Avenged Sevenfold.

Anyways, I'll update a longer post tomorow. Til then, keep reading...



Tuesday, January 10, 2006 : Football = Dangerous
To all those atheletes (and sports fans glued to their OSIM chairs) out there, is there ever an accidental blow or an injury that you've witnessed or even experienced? Which sport do you think carries the biggest risk of injury. I'll tell you, the answer is not rugby, american football, baseball or basketball. The answer's football. Why?

Need I say more? I know the girls that I know may be saying "Cheh" but immagine if your boyfriend had that happen to him. I don't think you'd be just as satisfied with him, if you know what I mean.

I myself have experienced tons of injuries- ankle injuries, knee injuries, toe injuries etc. But the biggest unlucky bloke I've known must've been Djibril Cisse.
One minute, he's doing this...

"Wheeee!!! I'm a bird! I'm a plane! I'm superman!!!"

And the next, he's doing this...

Paramedics on right: "From those goal celebrations, I thought he was made of rubber.." "No, he's probably made of wood, mate.. "


Take a closer look...

Even Mr. Fantastic woul feel the OOMPH in that...

Holy Shit Dude!! Immagine a kick like that straight to your nuts! Jeez dude, say goodbye to Father's day and say hello to your new home in Thailand.

"Welcome, our new sister. Heeheeheeheehee..."

Look, injuries come and go in football. Some injuries last while others don't. And the message that I'm trying to reach out here is, never ever think you're THAT good at football. Because whenever you think everything's going smoothe, life comes around and gives you one swift kick in the nuts.



Saturday, January 07, 2006 : My Popularity Exceeds Me
Omg Wtf Knn Ccb Bbq!!!

Can anyone explain wtf this is that I found when I was shopping?!

THAT! That is a rip off? Doesn't it look familiar to you?!

I know I'm really loved worldwide notorious, I know I'm a sex symbol, I know my durian's are huger than Kenny Sia's coconuts... but I had no idea I was this popular...

I'm giving the manufacturers face this time by not sueing them, but they had better make the miniature as good looking as me the next time they decide to do this again...


Guess what I found when I was freely surfing through kennysia.com?
A quizzila-sort questionaire titled Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

Honestly, other than kennysia, I just LURVE reading almost every single blog that came out of Singapore- XiaXue, Mr Brown, Mr Miyagi etc. So I took the quiz and quite honestly I was hoping I'd end up being Mr Miyagi or Mr Brown, but I had already expected myself to come out as XiaXue. So what happened?

Congratulations Mike, you are...

'Xia Xue' Wendy Cheng of xiaxue.blogspot.com

You are a goddess/god. You've got the looks, the brains and the body. You have such an irreverent sense of humour, people listen to you religiously and worship the ground you walk on. On the other hand you can also be straightforward, blunt and very very controversial. That has the potential to offend many people, but of course you don't care, you just shoot. In the end, people either love you or hate you. Nothing in between.

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?




Thursday, January 05, 2006 : 2005 moving on 2006
Hey guys... well this happens to be that post that was eaten up by the virus about a week ago. It's kinda long so I hope everyone can understand that i couldn't get started on it the minute I got my computer back. Partially also because I'm too lazy it was hard to recall exactly what I had typed previously.

So without further ado (and with much pride and ego), let me present my 'best of' 2005 list.

Top 10 moments of 2005 (non sporting):

- Watched Star Wars III at Nokia Starlight Cinema
Went there with Amir, Dina and Ganko and the sound effects, the graphics and the experience was superb. Plus, I got to meet up with those super-geeks ultra-cool-costume-wearing-people I saw in the newspaper posing as their favourite Star Wars characters.
- Got Involved In Blogging
This is my number ONE passion online other than MSN and Friendster, so I damn well consider this a personal highlight of '05. But I didn't start THIS blog til later in 2005; this was my old blog...
- Met Sham Kamikaze

Sham Kamikaze and the enviable and expensive looking guitar

The original plan was to hang out at Bukit Bintang/Low Yatt/Sungei Wang with Seng Yau, Kah Joo, Amir and Mei Khong but long story short, Sham Kamikaze was in Bentley's on that day so we thought we'd listen to his showcase and watch him sign a guitar contract with Fender. He's pretty damn good...
- Falling in and out of love
It's a curse to be in love, some might say, but I found that the bigger curse was the effects after falling out of love... Y'know, going emo and all. Jeez, i see her everyday now and it seems like a nightmare at every glance. Not because I hate her (although she hates me) but because every glance reminds me of the good times.
- Perming My Hair
Yes, I did for a fact perm my hair and mind if I say so, I looked really gaya for the first week or two. I looked like Cristiano Ronaldo okay???

Try and tell me this is style-less...

- The Clearwater Roadtrip!!!
Possibly the best ever moment of 2005. Me, Amir, Mei Khong and Chiak embark on our 3 day journey to and fro from Clearwater Sanctuary.
We went, we saw, we enjoyed the sunset, we went fishing AND we almost finished Resident Evil 4 within 24 hours.
- Meeting a Pretty Girl
Through Zahir, I met a pretty girl online. Her name's Cher... And within months she became one of my closest friends. We share the same music taste and (humiliatingly) the same passion=shopping. Cheers to you, Cher.
- Free Rides On My Birthday
What a mad birthday gift I recieved on my birthday, free rides at Times Square. The exit was so unguarded and so penetrable so me, Zahir and Chiak thought we might try sneaking in. Nowonder Times Square is losing money...

...because of people like us....

-Went To Pangkor Laut
I went to Pangkor Laut with my parents in mid-December. Don't laugh because it's the only quality time I got to spend with them without the lecturing, screaming, scolding, etc. Pangkor Laut, everybody, is not Pangkor Island. Pangkor Laut is the pirated version. It's like a pirated Nike jersey that's lighter, more comfortable and dry's faster than Dry-Fit. Yes, that's what Pangkor Laut is to Pangkor Island. The place, at night is the perfect place for poor Malaysian/rich ang moh honeymooners and the beach is freaking awesome. I got a helluva tan there =D
- Welcomed 2006
...with Chiak and Mei Khong at Ikano. There was this huge concert where (almost) EVERY band from all over Malaysia performed. From big-badass bands and artistes such as K-Town Clan, Pop Shuvit, Ferhad, Resh Monu and Ella to big-bullshit bands such as Ahli Fiqir and Frequency Cannon.

Top Football Moments of 2005:

-Best Football/Futsal Match
Arguably the best match was the Match For Cher astroturf futsal match at Summit in Subang Jaya. We won by a big scoreline. Don't ask me what because I lost count by a long shot. Anyway, I broke my record there with 10 goals, 2 ole's, 2 stepovers, 1 rainbow and 4 assists in one match.

Match for Cher: Cher's team (1st 4 from left and missing one guy) vs The Maniacs.

- Best Goal of 2005
A solo goal in a 6 on 6 match at the nearby park. Picking up a loose ball from about 10 meters away from my own goal, pushing it past Hariz and Sam and speeding past Fester and Aswad to tuck it into their small goal.
- Best Ole of 2005
In a game in the latter half of the year, I recieved the ball on the right flank, shifted it insanely with my right and left feet before clicking them through Hariz's feet and speeding on.
- Other Summarised Best-Of in Football:
Skill of the Year:
The Rainbow
Team mate(s) of the Year: Amir, Zahir and Kah Joo
Hardest Opponent To Beat of The Year: Mateen from the park
Venue of the Year: Reflexology Field
My Boots of the Year: Nike Mercurial Talaria II- Red

Top 20 Tunes of 2005:

20. Metallica- Enter Sandman
19. Slipknot- Vermillion
18. 50 Cent- Disco Inferno
17. Story of the Year- And The Hero Will Drown
16. Slipknot- Wait and Bleed
15. Dream Theater- The Spirit Carries On
14. System of a Down- Revenga
13. Story of The Year- Until The Day I Die
12. System of a Down- Chop Suey
11. 50 Cent and The Game- How We Do
10. Baby Bash and Akon- Baby I'm Back
09. Slipknot- Vermillion pt 2
08. Alter Bridge- Open Your Eyes
07. Metallica- Nothing Else Matters
06. Story of the Year- Anthem of Our Dying Days
05. Ashlee Simpson- Pieces of Me
04. Slipknot- Before I Forget
03. Alter Bridge- Broken Wings

02. Ashlee Simpson- Boyfriend

01. Story of the Year- Sidewalks

My New Year's Resolutions for 2006:

- Finish My Add Maths Homework
I know for a fact that I am one lazy bastard. So lazy that my homework went on strike in 2005. So number ONE Resolution for 2006 is to do my Add Maths homework. So far, no good... but I'm trying my best.
- Focus On Anything But Girls
Last year, I failed 2 subjects for my first term examination. Then during my mid term examination, I failed one. I then got together with who I thought was the most wonderful girl on Earth and got dumped by broke up with her eventually when my last term exams were near. I ended up failing 6 subjects. So conclusion, SPM YEAR CANNOT KLKL PRAY PRAY!!!
- Screw The Packs and Do The Wings
I love my abs. It's vain to say it but I love building my six-pack. I've loved building on it since I was 14. But the view isn't all that nice if my wing muscles (the back muscles located in between the shoulder and the waist) are not up-to-build with my abs... So this is another resolution, to do more chin-ups.

.... and last but not least

For The Record, 2005:

- I Am Not A Perv
I have a message for those people who lost contact with me in form 2 and only now start talking to me again, I am not the horny bastard I was back then.
- I Do Not Think I Am Great In Football
I have an attitude when it comes to the game but I do not think I am anywhere near good. I think I'm in between average and above average but I don't think I'm anything more so can you bastards stop saying that I think I'm so great?
- I Do Not Think I'm A Sexy Beast or A Coolio
I am a beast but I am not sexy. So when I dress to look good, I don't intend to look cool but try to avoid looking stupid...knnccb
- I Am Not Obsessed With Her
I loved her. I had her. I lost her. I miss her. But I am in no way close to obsessed with her. I rant about her sometimes because she was the best I ever had but to the person who shares the same name as her, I am not obsessed, I got over her early, I just miss her company.
- I Am Not Sexist, Racist or Fascist
I don't think that girls are inferior to guys. Hell, the top student in class for the past 11 years have been girls. The fastest female sprinter in school can outrun me (who is already considered quite fast) and finish a 100 meter race ahead of me by a long shot. So how the hell can I think that guys are the more superior sex? I make fun of people's race including my own but that doesn't mean I don't respect them. I have nothing against the way the country's runned. Malaysia is as fair as fair can get. End of story. Period. No more talk.

Now that 2005's gone (about 9 days ago), I can finally get to work on 2006. There's so much to look forward to this year- The World Cup, the Dubai trip, my SPM examinations, my friends, music and FOOTBALL!!! I'm glad to get this monkey off my back and I'm ready to challenge any obstacle in my way.



Wednesday, January 04, 2006 : Nabeh Virus...
Damn that virus that infected my com just as I was typing my second post...

It will take me some time to retype my post and my sincere apologies to my (very few) readers...

So I'm sorry for the inconvinience...

Really...I am...