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Friday, April 28, 2006 : Japanese Crap
Mike says:
Hmmm... I gotta write a note to myself reminding me to never attempt writting an entry like I did in the last post.
Anyway, my exams start next week so that means I can't update as often for the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Oh yeah, and regarding the third OBS entry, it's coming in next Friday. Promise. Cross My Heart. ;)

Btw, don't forget to vote! The future depends on YOU!

My school's obsessed with labels.
No matter where you turn, there's always a label strapped to every plant describing the plant and telling you the plant's name.

That doesn't leave fishes out too. Next to the fish pond, there's this sign.

But Charles, being the blindbat he is, saw something other than 'Japanese Carp'...
... he thought he saw 'Japanese CRAP'!

Maybe I should print this out and replace the one in school XD


Tuesday, April 25, 2006 : Not the usual NIPS
Mike says:
OMG, it's so freaking hard to do the final OBS entry so I'm just gonna take my time with it. As I learnt from the last, quality is better than punctuality ;)

But I promise it's gonna be good... like real good.
And so while you wait, you shall
vote... you SHALL VOTE!

Before you proceed, I have to tell you that this unusual experience usually makes good blog material ;)

I was in tuition on Friday as usual, and as usual my usual lang would bring snacks like Choki-Choki, sweets, biscuits, water and so on...

And as usual Jian Hao bought NIPS sweets.

Usually, NIPS is a small chocolate snack similar to M&M's.
So as usual we were snacking away at the chocolate snack until we reached the very last one.


Looks... exactly... like... your... usual.... manNIPS

How unusual....


Saturday, April 22, 2006 : I Miss Outward Bound School part 3
Mike says:
There's this new band I'm currently hooked on called Fightstar.
The band consists of Charlie Simpson, Alex Westaway, Dan Haigh and Omar Abidi.
If you're wondering why the first name sounds familiar, it's because Charlie was from pop band Busted. But no, Fightstar isn't anything like Busted.
Think a cross between Story of The Year, Funeral For A Friend, Metallica and Slipknot.
Yes, they're that good!

Don't forget to
vote for a new template for this blog...
Screw exams big time!

I'm starting to get the feeling that my OBS posts are something like the Star Wars trilogy.
The first was outstanding to an extent that everyone was awaiting the second, the second didn't live up to expectations but didn't disappoint the die-hard fans, but the third made everybody change their religion to Jedi.

So as your George Lucas, I shall employ the help of Quentin Terentino and Steven Spielberg to help me direct the third and final instalment of the OBS entry.

Btw, if you thought the previous post lacked pictures, I really don't think you'd think so anymore.
Why? Well, get ready for an entry full of photos.

Day 9: BBQ Night...

So the hard part of OBS was gone, and now came the fun of it all.
We woke up that morning for the usual preparations. Today, we had been informed that we were going to Pangkor. That meant that we could finally have some REAL FOOD, REAL DRINKS and REAL FREEDOM!!!

That means... No more confinement! No more crappy food! No more tap water!

Woohoo! But the boat to Pangkor wasn't supposed to leave until 10 or 11... and we were up at 5 (like normal). The other watch, Mulu, were rehearsing their performance for the BBQ Event that was going on later that night.
But no worries tho, us Tahan-ites knew already what we were going to do. The 15 of us were to do a little sketch about what we went through for the past 8 days. Then, we were to get together and do a litte musical staring Me, Alesha and Ben. I was to rap, she was to do the lead vocals to the main song and he was to play the guitar happily like a hill-billy.

Anyway, back to our 4 hours of free time. We got the previous day's ball and played some futsal!

It was, like, the best stress remover for what we've been through the past eight days. I remember scoring a goal then celebrating doing a handstand. I also remembered how Austin, Ben and Tong illuminated the game.
Singaporean players... what DO they smoke to get so good?!?!

And before we knew it, time had passed and we were waiting for our boatride to Pangkor.

So we were talking to Chai about how he always refused to tell us his age since day one... and it turned out he was only 16. SIXTEEN! Nowonder he didn't wanna tell us... but I guess he's really responsible for a 16 year old dude.

Does this look 16 to you?! Actually...... yes.

Our first stop was a small town in Pangkor and it was there we finally got our taste of 'civilisation' in 8 days. Though, I really don't think it's considered civilisation if there are still no cars, no building that's taller than two storeys and noone walking around wearing anything close to casual... more like beach wear and ahbeng wear.

We got the priveleage to shop around with our limited sum of money and ended up buying our (our as in Tahan) dress code for the event later that night, Hawaiian shirts.

Yeah... most of us wore the Hawaiian shirts anyway...

We reported back to the jetty a couple of hours later and headed off to another part of Pangkor, this time to see the boring dried fish-making process, then to some special temple. Actually it was more than an ordinary temple, as told by the word special.
It was more like a fun park for the local kids to hang around.
This was their One Utama, man!

Actually, it was so special because it had a mini zoo (with snakes, monkeys, big fishes, birds etc.) and a mini structure of the Great Wall of China.

After being satisfied with ourselves, we reported back to the jetty to get ready for the big night ahead.

So later that night, we all got dressed, rehearsed one more time and entered the hall.
Whoa, my parents actually came to see me perform. At that time I was beginning to think, "Holy crap, what happens if I rap so hard that I fall off the stage halfway during the event..."
Looks like the so called apparent pressure was starting to get to me.

It's called BBQ night for a reason XD

Most of theTahanites... and June

Candid shot of us bounders on BBQ Night...

So Mulu's big guy, Chee Han, started the night out bygiving a speech and the later events kicked off.

So our big performance came up and we kinda did a synopsis about what I've been telling you in these entries for the past few weeks.

The first day...

Then later, the big broadway kicked off. Ben had come up with some hip-sounding-accoustic sound to accomodate my rap.

Before we got together in a group to finish off our performance and sang that knn annoying Graduation Day song by Vitamin C. At least Alesha's voice sounded great.

Then came Mulu's performance of some tribal Hawaiian ritual. Kiwi did one of the best acting performance of a pondan I'd seen.
Put it this way, it was way better than Mulan trying to be a guy.

After the BBQ night, we went outside to take photos, play games and hang out one last time before we say goodbye.

Looking back at our photos, I really miss OBS so much...

Day 10: Goodbye...

We woke up at 5 again that day to go down for one last gathering before having our last breakfast together.

Then it was our last chat together as a watch, and then the 'graduation ceremony' where they played that Vitamin C song again %#$@...

So it was into the hall for us- Tahan, Mulu, Talu (yeah, both our watches become one: Tahan+Mulu=TALU) and all the other watches.


And it was this very moment that I really had a good reason to cry. The beautiful crimson sights of dawn, the mesmerizing vermillion sky of dusk, the seemingly endless sea and most importantly, the Tahan family...

We were then discharged as ex-Outward Bounders and then, we were to be freed back into the open world, everyone going back to the holes whence they crawled- the Sin-kah-por-dians going back to Sin-chia-poh, Kim going back to eat whitenning cream after getting burnt and Paula going back to Paulaland where there's no such thing as dirt, worms, sweat and annoying-facial-haired-crew-cut-chinese-rappers.

Low-cost Graduation? Now gown and hat?

Me and Tham after saying goodbye to everyone...

And for me, that was the last time I saw OBS. Sometimes when I look back, it feels as if it was just yesterday, I entered the gates of the compound to be met by something so beautiful yet so intimidating.
It's like American Idol when someone's been kicked off the show where they always play Daniel Powter's Bad Day which shows the highlights of that idol's career while on the show.
I feel like I'm one of the voted-out idols and I'm watching a rerun of that video over and over and over again.

OBS exit American Idol style, "So you had a bad day, then you ta fei kei, then you fong fei kei..."

So since I told you guys that this entry shall be the best OBS entry, I shall keep my promise and show you the extras to this special extended DVD.

Meeting the Tahanites!


The 'big sister' of the watch.
Well she's one of the most social people in the group hopping from one person to another, striking up a conversation from out of thin air.
She knows how to give the best advice and knows when to say the right thing at the right time.
Great singing voice too ^^

this 1. damm funny lar. especially the hanky panky with somebody. ~Tong


The music man..
You know you're damn good when... from out of nowhere, and at the last minute, you conjure up an accoustic tune that goes really well with a hip-hop song.
You know you're damn good when... you can play football as a defender and still have a monster left footed shot.
You know you're damn good when... your name is Ben.
You know you're damn good when... I talk about you like this...

Bastard cow number 1. come back sg.dun wan us already.~Tong
benn, u stop giving excuse lar. better turn up when we meet e nx time. if not.. if not.. nxt time i dao u everyday. LOL=P ~Yun Xin


We already had the big sister, now meet the Big Brother...
He's like, the life of Tahan. Everything realted to Tahan he's there to secure.
One who knows when to spice up a party and when to get really serious.
Hey, that's what big brothers are for unless that big brother is me... then you know my sis is bound for torture.

Wah. this 1. u dare to play with him arh. i dun dare. he big boss ok.~ Tong


The Finger...
Initially called himself Finger because he thought Tham's called himself Thumb... but the nickname stuck anyway XD
He was really good company for the watch... supportive and funny XD

U damm funny.Pls go finger urself ~ Tong


The Pro Gamer...
He and I connected really well although he liked those online games and I liked sports...
Like Kuhan he's really great support and good company...
The heaviest snorer ever. Period. I could've sworn I heard him snoring during the solo camp!

Ala. pls let me have a goodnight slp without loud snoring can. ~Tong


The Happy-Go-Lucky Dude...
As far as I remember, he always had a blur look on his face but surprisingly whatever the speech or lecture, he'd still end up knowing more than you.
Created the most catchy overused lines during the camp, "What rubbish?" and "Whyah?"...

Wassup darling ~Tong


One half of the Scouts...
Also known as the security guard of Tahan.
The more serious of the two scouts and the one who helped build all the tents during our camps.

Gary's damm Ah pek. reminds me of coffeeshop uncle. but arh. dun pray pray with scouts ok. ~ Tong
did u noe gary is seeing a ger too? ~ Ziyan


The other half of the Scouts...
The wise cracking scout who always has something funny to say XD.
The less serious of the two scouts and the one who kept us all sane during each and every one of our expeditions.

Caught him the other day with gal. from a guy who dun seems interested in girls to being with gal. like i said. DUN PRAY PRAY. scouts ok. ~ Tong


Home United footballer.. (running out of niknames for them)
Yeah that's one thing I'll remember about this guy... he was one good footballer.
Other than that, he was one funny dude.
Scarily most of us didn't get nearly as many mosquittoe bites compared to him. Scary.

need i say more. turtle ~Tong

The Tong Song

Funny Singaporean guy..
Another key person in keeping the entire Tahan sane.
The most memorable jokes of the camp came from him.

Huh. this 1. most hardworking. most clever. most handsome. most loveable. anyone dun agree? go bang wall lar. ~ Tong
Idiot, i go bang wall liao=X ~Yun Xin
Tong, I egg you too, so very very much.. ~Kiwi


The Reliable One...
The most cooperative of all 15 members and would do everything to contribute to the watch.
Of course this was his second time coming to OBS so he probably knew the drill and consequences anyway.
Plays as one helluva footy goalie..

Cheena man lar u. budden arh. thumb is good brother ok. ~Tong

Yun Xin

The Only Singaporean Girl...
Sorry Yun Xin, but you'll forever be known to me as the only Singaporean girl in our watch.
The big opinion with the small voice.
Haha, I also will also remember you as the girl with the smallest feet XD

Too attractive until somebody in the watch made a mistake. that idoit. ~Tong
Yun Xin!!! u come to malaysia lar during june holiday.den u can come over n stay at my house=P.den we do 'sister-friend' bonding.same wf u al!!!=) my BIG SISTER=D Lurve u babe!! ~ Kim
lookz like only me and xin can have a normal conversation..lolz!..=p.. ~ Alesha

Kenny Rogers Roast Kim

The barbeque on board our whaler The Social Butterfly...
Ah Kim, Kim, Kim... got roasted on board our whaler during the sea expedhition then was immediately ruled as Missing.In.Action for the Land Expedition's hike.
But she was one of the most social girls around the entire Talu (if not for Sarah C and Alesha).

Wah auntie. when wan go clubbing. this 1. i talk to the mummy before ok. haha. ~Tong


The Porcelein Doll The Little Sister...
Truth is, when it comes to Paula, i don't wanna comment, I only wanna kutuk.
She was the girl with the high squeeky voice in the watch.
To her, anything would become a problem including whaling, rock climbing, singing, walking...
Declared by most of us as physically unfit especially during the Land Expedition hike where she forced us to stop and rest at least twice every 10 minutes.
But I guess Tahan wouldn't be Tahan without Paula.
All hail Queen Paula *throws up*

I guess I can afford to single out one particular female who holds a very special place in my heart..Come on, it can't be that hard to guess.. Her name consists of 5 letters.. P-A-U-L-A ! RawR! -Kiwi
Stop scaring me lar. ~Tong

Now that you've met the Tahanites, meet the three big names from Mulu that helped forge the great bond between Mulu and Tahan alike.
And now I shall proceed to their introduction before I start sounding like a cross between an English Premier League commentator and the narrator for The Lord of the Rings.


The Magic Torchlight...
The life of Mulu.
Incredibly funny guy who's now getting tortured in Aussie Land.
Really nice dude who, along with Tong, shared an incredible passion for eggs..

Egg. When we going to produce more eggs to egg ourselve. Egg u. ~Tong

Sarah C

One of the hotties from Mulu.
Really open and friendly.
It was kinda nice to talk to her from the first expedition til the Pangkor trip.

I'm hotter.~Tong

The Stellars?

Sarah Jean

Sorry leh... cannot find any OBS-related pix of her on my com so I go steal this from her friendster..

Another hottie from Mulu.
Your typical cuttie with the squeeky cute voice and the big opinion loh...

I look better. ~Tong
Seriously, all we're missing is my favourite 5 letter girl =) Who's mentioning Paula? I was talking about some other 5 letter girl.. ~Kiwi

~Hey if you ex-Bounders out there want me to add something extra to any of the mentioned Talu-ans, feel free to post it in the comment box, I shall add it up when I'm free...~

And finally, last but not least,


The Rapist Rapper...
Truth is I know better than to comment about myself, you guys go ahead and tell me what I'm to put about myself XD

Mikey..hé's an awesome dude..very creative..and a awesome rap=star..eheh..i love the part u rapped to the monkeyz..hehe..good times..*haihz*..hehe..and besides that..i love how u brought back the OBS memories..really felt good..ure an awesome dude..just to sumarize it all..thankz 4 everythin mike!..muahzz ~Alesha
Fuck u. is this finally long enough. haha.
mike, thanx for bringing back wonderful memories.=) ~Yun Xin
THANK U soooooooo much Mike!!!=) it was da BEST post n i really enjoy reading it=) hehe..i'm sooo gonna print it out n read it everyday...a real stress remover=P wahaha!!=) U ROCK MIKE!!!!=D ~Kim
Mike,here,have a cookie =) ~ Kiwi

So now, here's the extra photos section. I had no idea where in my previous entries should I put these photos so i thought maybe I should create a section for nothing but the photos.

Extra Photos

Alesha and Mulu's CA, Joe.

Tham, you lucky dawg... you got Paula!

Dynamic trio of Tong, Alvin and Ben

Thumb, Finger, Stomache, Nose and Mouth...

And this folks is how a gay orgy works...

ooooh...I touch myself...

Ben,Kuhan and Jeremy after the bbq... you can tell that the food sucked

My cam is ze best!

Good times, bad taste! At OBS!

Happy birthday to...... me...

And courtesy of Kim, us Tahanites have the undying privelage to own our very own abstract wallpaper!

Of course I couldn't resist to do my own wallpaper too...

As you can tell it was supposed to say TAHAN IDOL at the back but it ended being too small... doesnt matter anyway...

And now last but not least, what long winded blog post wouldn't be complete without a video, huh?

The vid's a bit dark so let me run you guys through it. The first part is the 'molest game' Chai introduced to us to play with the orphans. The second part is at the BBQ table where Kim asked me to rap. The third is just some random nonsense...

Anyway, I miss you guys alot, man!
Tahan! Oit! Tahan! Oit! Tahan! Oit!
.... you guys know the drill. Finish it for me ;)