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Monday, July 31, 2006 : Romando vs Selatan
Mike says:
Gah! Exams are around the corner once again... I freaking hate this year. Plus I freaking don't wanna be immune to the exam pressure by the time my O-levels are here.
Motha' pluck the exams la... But as I am barely trying to be a *cough* good boy, I shall study hard and try my very best to ace it. So yeah, sorry readers, but come mid-August I won't be able to update as often... = (

So whadaya know, it's crunch time once again. knnccb...

You know I've been finding it hard not to be able to post any entries on football.
I mean you get what I mean right? World Cup season is just over and I'm finding it hard to let go of the fever.

For example, I can't stand reading the sports section and there are only three pages of football instead of eight, there's no more Sportscentre during the weekends, I still think Zidane is the greatest footballer on the planet and so on...

So yeah, after a couple of posts laying off the footy, I just can't take it anymore- I'm posting about football once again.
Well, not really. Cuz like the Footy Humour post, this football entry will have the MikeDotOrg touch to it.

Remember during the World Cup season, Nike were airing these football ad videos. Well, one of them was about Portuguese twinkletoe Cristiano Ronaldo competing against Swedish striker Ian Thorpe Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

So one day, Amir and I had this brilliant idea to come up with our very own version of that video.
I mean look at the similarities between us and them, Amir's a tall skilled beanpole just like Zlatan while well, Ronaldo IS my idol...

So yeah, the thought of us making such a ngam video for us seemed like a challenging idea...

The shooting of our version of the video itself was a tough challenge for us...
Because unlike my other stupid videos, we had to follow about 80% of the ad itself and that wasn't easy especially because Amir is more of a fancy-skills footballer and I'm more technical-skills player... well, technically.

So you get it right? It's different to follow up each other.
Put i this way lah, what happens if you put Ian Thorpe, and Kenny Sia in a synchronised swimming competition? Surely hard to swim in synch with each other right? Hor...

Another problem was our dear friends KJ and Seng Yau didn't really dedicate much commitment to help our video and that really wasted alot of energy and time.... but they gave commitment none the less, so I give them credit for that.
The other two dudes, Chiak and Don, didn't cooperate much either so that wasted even more time (the talking and the arguing..geez)

Oh and another problem we faced was Amir just kept laughing whenever he held the cam (you'll see why later).

So without wasting anymore of your precious time, here's our rendition of Ronaldo vs Zlatan: Romando vs Selatan.

I'd like to say that the compilation of the videos were very damn sloppy and I apologise for that.
Oh and before you ask, yes Amir's free kick did hit the lampost but my volley only went through the hole only when the camera wasn't rolling.

And yes, the freestyle sequence section is crap because I can't immitate Amir's tricks and likewise.

Other than that, enjoy the video.


Sunday, July 30, 2006 : No more long hair...
Mike says:
I love the sale... I'm like a woman everytime the sale comes. If i have the money I'll spend it buying cheap stuff, like clothes, bags and shoes.
OKlah, so I needed a new bag and I bought SCHOOL shoes, but check out the clothes I bought.

Yeah! That's for going clubbing next time, baby! Woohoo!!


I guess I knew the day had to come eventually...
The good news is I planned it all out and hopefully by the end of the year, in time for prom, I'll have my old hairstyle back.

Yes lah! I'm getting damn super forking emo over my hair la! Don't you women obssess over the same thing!
How would you like it if I came to your house when you are sleeping and shaved the middle of your head bald and dyed the rest of your hair green, then after that flew off to some remote island?! Emo or not?! Confirm damn emo right?!

"Hey WTF is this?!"

Anyway, sorry i digress. I'm not in much of a good mood because of the hair.
The thing is, the lady cut my hair until so gila lala.

What I asked for was short layered hair. I also asked her not to shave off the sides and the back like soldier.
So she nodded her head and got to work. While she was snipping away at my hair during the later half of the haircut, she was having some conversation with my mom about how I wanted the latest trendy Korean hairstyle.

... like... What In The Bloody Blue Hell?!!
I do not want a freaking Korean cut! I already have that Korean look! I cut my hair to get away from the Korean image! I DESPISE the Korean hairstyle (nothing against them, btw)! And here she is cutting my hair so I can look more and more Korean.


I know I'm starting to sound like Xiaxue but I am freaking pissed. I could have told her that I didn't want that particular style but by then, she wouldn't be able to do anything.
So I chose to be silent and listen to the damn Slipknot music on my phone, which made me even more tulan btw...

Is that my hair? Flux that's alot!

Ok, I'm chilling down now. High blood pressure isn't healthy for a young boy that'll be sitting for his O-levels this year.
Besides, I can still be happy I'm taking a pretty girl to the prom =D.
Plus to the lady's credit, she did mention to my mom that I have very nice hair.

Ok, now let's take a look at the memorial of my long hair.

*sniff* And now after the ma chao shoe haircut...

... I look like this.

My hair! It's all gone!!!
Oh and btw, don't tell me that I'm overeacting because I do hate short hair. And I hate lala hair. And I hate having to see my scalp each and everytime after I bathe.
Reminds me of the time my hair started falling prematurely... but that's a different story for another day.


Thursday, July 27, 2006 : A more meaningful banner...
Mike says:
Wow... Fiorentina and Lazio are back in Serie A while Juve's last two titles have been given to Intermilan and AS Roma.
I feel that the Italian football league is way too freaking happening for me to keep track of especially this year. It makes good news though, for the
new world champions.

Anyway I was supposed to blog yesterday but due to personal problems I didn't feel too much like blogging. Not that I had the time either...

After Afi helped me redesign my blog, I've always felt that my blog's been missing something important. Something special. Something with that little extra stim.

So after staring blankly at the computer screen for a couple of hours, I've concluded that the one thing my blog had been lacking was possibly the flashy flashy Las Vegas-y banner.
I mean my old banner was hardly anything you'd remember from my blog, other than the fact it was total.. well... crap..

So I got to work on designing my new banner. But the one problem I was struggling with was the outlook of the banner. The entire shebang.

That was until I was looking at my CD collection looking for my porn folder, when I came across my Story of The Year album.

To me, this design was definitely special and one of a kind (well, maybe not one of a kind anymore) so I thought maybe I should personalise it a bit.

The shadow the falling man was symbolic to the album because it marked the importance of Page Avenue to Story of the Year. That's where I took the idea for my own symbolic 'falling man' shadow.

That's my trademark football skill, the rainbow. So I thought why not take that, cut out the scenery, add a Google Earth image of my own hometown on the background and, voila. Half of my banner was done.

But something was still missing. I wanted to add a bit more of the MikeDotOrg touch to it, to personalise the banner even more.
So what I did was put my face there.
Eventually I found out that noone wanted to visit my blog anymore because the face was just too horrifying to look at so I cut out my tiger eyes and stuck it there, right next to my 'Page Avenue'.

At the end of it all, I noticed the banner was still missing something that would complete it.
I didn't know what it was at first. Maybe one of my favourite scenic shots, or maybe another picture of me.
But nolah, enough pictures lah. What my banner needed now was a quote that would sum my blog up in one line.

At the beginning of Avenged Sevenfold's song Bat Country, there's a famous quote by Dr Samuel Johnson who said, "He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man..."

Well, need I say more about the beast bit?

And there you go, one perfect banner that symbolises everything about me from the vain pot, to the metalhead, to the football lover to the accomplished copycat.



Saturday, July 22, 2006 : Time to get a haircut
Mike says:
Woohoo! Celebrity blogger
Jasiminne featured me on her blog. Well, not exactly featured but she did mention me on her blog about the time we met at the Curve.
The first time a famous blog mentions me. Er... apart from
Skyler that is =D

Oh yeah, woohoo. Escaped the first batch call-up for National Service. One down, three to go.

I think it's time I got a haircut.
The reason I'm saying this is because my hair is growing awfully long and I'm trying my very daym best to plan out the length of my hair by the time the prom comes.

Of course I could always go for a trim but I kinda miss the short hair. Plus, I have a couple of reasons why I should probably go get my hair cut by next weekend.

10. For the past few weeks, I've been wearing a hairband when I workout and exercise.

9. My hair looks long from every angle (which is not good from the school's point of view) and would look long even when I change my hairstyle, no matter which one I style it to.

8. I comb my hair with a sissy roller hairbrush instead of a normal manly comb.

7. As of late, I feel like I'm quite eligible to be in some hair product commercial like Sunsilk.

But then my hair probably should be about this length if I really DID consider..

6. I only cut my hair once so far this year, and that was at the beginning of the year for Chinese New Year.

5. When I put my headshots up on Friendster, you'd be surprised at the number of people who wonder if I'm a boy with long hair or a girl with short hair.

4. I have to brush my hair before I sleep every night like a girl, because the bitch-of-a-hair kacaus and irritates my neck, eyes, ears and even my nose if I leave it be. knnccb...

3. 40% of my peripheral vision is blocked by my hair.

2. Wherever I walk, girls would look at me because they think I resemble some famous Korean singer, like Rain (whoever he is).

1. Wherever I walk, guys would look at me because they think I look like a Korean football player, like Park Ji-Sung.

But the ironic thing about the resemblance part is if I exagerate my facial expressions drasticly, I notice that I somehow start to look more and more like Park Ji-Sung. Plus MyHeritage also said so.

But I guess I feel honoured lah, if someone said I'm like Park Ji-Sung because to me, he's one of the best footballers ever to come out of Asia.
So I did my own research and results have shown that he and I are very much alike game-wise... I wish.

But just for the fun of it, you be the judge. Music credits, Children of Bodom ;)



Sunday, July 16, 2006 : One fine day at The Curve
Mike says:
It's a long climb to peak fitness again.
Now that I've (barely) recovered from an ankle injury, I'm quite lacking the match fitness.
It's been almost a month since I've had a competitive game of football (I've played it, yes, but not seriously) so I'll be hoping to get fit again, at least.

Oh, and thank goodness for the female readers I've decided to take a break from writing football entries for the time being.
So please come back to my blog now =(

I think it had been nearly a month since I last hung out with my friends at anywhere else other than school. Plus I had been pretending to study at home for that period, so I guess I needed a break.

So MK Land, Amir and I planned to hang out at The Curve on Saturday.
I think the decision was made at 1.00 am the previous night..er.. morning, so that's why we couldn't call more people to hang out with us.
Oh, and I apologise for the bad photos. My K750i is being serviced at the moment so you have to bare with the VGA camera from my old 3220 and Amir's Asus's 1 megapixel phone.

Anyway sorry I digress. Cineleisure (the shopping centre next to The Curve) was having this carnival to commemorate.. actually I don't know what they were celebrating. All I know is there were many skateboarders and BMX riders, many Mini Coopers, basketballers, futsal players and warehouse sales.

Yeah so first thing we planned to do was catch the Pirates of The Carribean sequel but we had to make due with watching Stay Alive.

Truth is, for a Hollywood horror movie it wasn't too bad. As in it really scared the shizzle out of me, and I'm not even an avid gamer. Not too much anyway, compared to Amir or MK Land.

Ok if you haven't heard of that movie, here's the low down. The movie's about this action-survivor-horror game that looked quite fun to play, actually. Anyway, whoever that plays the game signs a pact with the ghosts of the game and if they die in the game they die for real.
And the way they die is unlike Grand Theft Auto where the fag hero is always arrested or blown up. Nah, they get stabbed, hung, rolled over, slashed, or all of the mentioned.

What kept me sane during the movie, though, was the casting of the ever so hot Sophia Bush (Brooke from One Tree Hill) and equally beautiful Samaire Armstrong (Anna from The O.C.) in the movie... *drools*

"My my, that is some interesting porn..." Sophia Bush, Samaire Armstrong, the main dude, and Steven Gerrard.

Yeah well, after the movie though we decided to walk around the carnival.

And guess who I met?

Jasiminne the celebrity blogger, best known for her masterclass photography skills and perfect image designing. Yealah, and she's hot too lah!
Actually, that wasn't a very good pic of her. In fact she asked me to delete that one.
So just for her credit, I'll put up the better photo.

Now do you believe she's hot?
Yeah, and with her was (predictably) Albert, who was actually here with the XFresh crew.
I told you it was a carnival what!

Must've been some huge carnival.
Unfortunately we only had so much time to do so much, so we couldn't stick around for the events = (

As a consolation though, I did manage to get myself a Harry Kewell Australia jersey. Woohoo!

So while we were walking past the Curve, I fixed my eyes on this.

That ain't a bad name to name your shop.
Wank. It's catchy, plus everybody will remember it's name, for being special... and your name, for being a pervert.
When we walked on, I passed the pillar and then took another good look at it.

Cheh. Swank. Now that's no fun at all >=(

Yeah and if you thought that was weird, check out this restaurant's name.

Ok so the thing with the restaurant isn't so much with the name but the way it was designed.
Stupid copycats had to copy a stupid cigarette logo.

Towards the end of the day, Amir decided that he wanted to surprise his gal pal Aida (who was also around that area) with a rose.

The stupid thing about that incident was that after buying that rose, the florist looked at me and MK Land and asked,
"Three of you sharing one rose ah?"
That's like the stupidest question I ever heard (even though she was obviously desperately trying to get us to buy another two roses) next to, "Is there a Penang Village (a restaurant) in Penang?"

When it seemed like this was gonna be one of those questions you couldn't find an answer to, MK shot back with an answer,
"Don't worry about that, we're all giving the same girl."

Haha yeah, I couldn't stop laughing either.
So yeah, it was good to take a break again before returning to the same hectic studious lifestyle.
But the day is over and it's back to hell for me. Pharck!!!