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Saturday, December 23, 2006 : The Most Amazing Prom with the Corniest Name ' 06. Part 2
Mike says:
I'm moving house, away from it all, away from the city, away from One Utama, away from football, away from my old life. =(

Damnit, just when everything seemed like an arm stretch away (y'know, just a 1 minute walk to the nearest footy park and a 2 minute walk to One Utama, an easy car ride to any friend's crib) in steps the devil to pry you away from everything that was considered blissful with a new bigger house, a new and apparently more secure environment, new neighbours who happen to be my dad's best friends and a new scene every sunset and sunrise (the new house is located in on the slope of a hill, so the sunset and sunrise has got to be beautiful on a clear day. But that also means hor, one land slide will kill us all on the hill. Choy.)

So anyway this shall be my last post from my old house.
May not mean anything to you but hell, this means a shit lot to me.


In my last post I explained how prom night went, and what happened.
But what you readers didn't know was that the fun only really started after prom that night.

But I'm sad to report that Cher went back after prom so you pervs out there can zip up your flies now, because her face isn't going to appear on this post.
Well, maybe just once, but that's only because I care for the horny bastards reading this blog.

Epitome of Beauty...? You guys decide.

Anyway, we (we, as in me, Chiak and a few friends whose names I shall not mention) went clubbing at Ruums after prom.
BTW, it's pronounced "rooms", not "rums". I'm guessing the double 'u' makes it sound Dutch, like Ruud van Nistelrooy or something.

And here's the deal about Ruums, initially we weren't allowed in unless we bought a bottle of rum or gin or something.
But our brovah Kah Seng (our schoolmate who also went to prom with us) then came out, gave one nod to the bouncers, mentioned a few words and our group were allowed in, just like that, with no strings attatched. I had to admit, that was so cool.

Ok, here's something juicy about Ruums, from where I sat, at the VIP lounge overlooking the dance floor (gotta thank Kah Seng for that), I could see a bald seemingly man in sunnies, wearing a singlet, with a fanny pack pouch around his waist standing on an elevated platform smiling at the crowd.
So anyway listen up, that's not exactly your average stereotype of person who frequents clubs, anyone can tell you that, so my only guess is he was selling drugs.
The fact that he kept pulling out small packs from his fanny pack didn't help change my mind either.

Needless to say I couldn't enjoy my whiskey and coke that night in fear someone would put roofies in my drinks. Paranoid, i know.
Yeah, but anyway clubbing that night was fun, especially with so many friends around.

Next up, Chiak and I crashed at the hotel room of some friends.

Needless to say we didn't get any sleep that night.

What we did do though, was play "Sexy Truth or Dare". Unfortunately folks, what happened in that room stays in that room.
I can tell you, though, it was very gay and I do not wish to go through any details. But fyi, there were girls playing too lah!

After that, the clock struck 5 and we still couldn't sleep so what did we do? We sang, well some of us anyway. Not very fun, I know, but it made us through the night.
Btw, the rest were annoyed. Like, really annoyed til' words cannot discribe how annoyed they were.

Looks comfortable but it's not. Believe me, it's not. They're crashing on a sofa.

When day broke, I was dead tired but still couldn't sleep.
Chiak, Jian Hao and I then found it in ourselves to force our legs to carry our half-dead bodies to a nearby (when I say nearby, I mean bloody far but nearest) mamak for breakfast.

When we got back, we forgot to buy a bottle of water so we were left feeling thirsty in the hotel room.
That's when Jian Hao did the most unforgivable thing, he forced me and Chiak to share the cost of a 1.5 litre bottle of water. Now the normal cost of that is usually like 1.50 to 2 bucks but at the hotel the damn bottle cost us 12 bucks.
So yeahlah, tulan lah.

Harry Potter Jian Hao and the Twelve Dollar Water

At the end of the day, it was a pretty good night out la.
The jokes also could not stop coming that night with Tat Ren being the one we poked fun at most with his Mickey Mouse shirt.

Tat Ren wore a Mickey Mouse t-shirt in front of his friends. This guy knows no fear, man!

... and Kenneth with his jokes about his alter ego, Beauty Man.

Jian Hao and The Beauty Man in his Beauty Suit, in The Beauty Cave!

Ah, good times. Good times.

Oh and btw since i'm moving, I won't have any internet access for the next three to five days or so. So anyone who wants to reach me, call me on my house line.
Sorry la no land line yet, so terpaksa waste that extra cent lor...




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