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Sunday, January 07, 2007 : MikeDotOrg: The Movie OST
Mike says:
Yes la! Yes la! Happy New Year la.
I'll post up my new year post soon enugh. And to keep you guys entertained, here's an interesting meme to read, y'know, in case any of you actually like those kind of things.

Question! If your life was made into an autobiographical movie, what songs will you put on the soundtrack?
Surely you'd choose tracks and tunes that would match the mood of the movie. Well, that's where I came across this little game (or a meme, if you may) which lets you decide what songs to play on your autobiographical movie's soundtrack.

This is the first time I've ever done a meme on my blog... but seriously, this one's one of the most entertaining meme I've ever done.
I got this meme from Mr Brown by the way, so if I copied your idea, go cha him and not me.

Ok, so here's how the thing works.
1. Turn on your MP3 player- WinAmp, WMA, iTunes, even your phone, iPod, dopod. Anything lah)
2. Turn on the shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every event poised, press the (>) button
5. Don't cheat. It doesn't matter if you get a happy song during a sad moment in the movie. That's part of the fun of it all.

Below is what happens in movie. As you can see, some of the songs are actually quite perfect for the event, so that's pretty cool considering every song was randomly picked by the player.
Maybe it's just meant to be la XD

Oh and btw, if you want to play along with it and want to post it up, but don't have a blog to post it on, then feel free to go ahead and do it on the comments page. Enjoy :)
BTW, please don't include album art in your comments. That's just a bonus I put into my meme because, like Mr Brown, I'm a big fan of album art.

Opening Credits:

Toxicity by System of a Down
Really cool, but still conventional, way to start a movie- a headbanging, long intro-ish, power chorded song about nothing in particular.

Waking Up:

Stickwitu by Pussycat Dolls
It's kinda like, the main character (in this case, myself) wakes up after realising all the wrongs he's done, all the girls he's hurt and all basically, waking up feeling emo. I never like that when that happens, but unfortunately lor it happens pretty often to me.

First Day At School:

We Want Fun by Andrew W.K.
Oh, memang betul this one. Skewl is for fun. End of story.
(We want fun and you better believe it/ We want fun and hey I need it/ We wanna have fun and we wanna get wasted)

Falling In Love:

Until The Day I Die by Story of the Year
Need I say more? Unbreakable relationship song =D
(But if you died right now know that I'd die to/ Until the day i die I'd spill my heart for you)

Fight song:


Pulse of the Maggots by Slipknot
Eh, this is actually really good for a fight song. Not bad for a randomly picked one.
(I fight for the unconventional/ I fight for the ones that can't fight/ And I won't leave another victim deserted)

Breaking Up:

Hold On by Good Charlotte
Suicide song. Heh. This is funny, but somehow I can still get some painful break up words out of the lyrics. Oh and btw, I don't know either what the hell a Good Charlotte song is doing in my playlist.
(You don't have to go/ This pain you cannot bare/ Do you know what you're doing to me?)


Listen To Your Heart by DHT
Not bad la for a prom song, could be worse.
(Listen to your heart when he's calling for you/ The scent of magic/ The beauty that's been)

Life's OK:

If Tomorrow Never Comes by Ronan Keating
Kinda like a 'sedar diri' song
(Would she ever doubt the way I feel about her/ Would she know how much I love her)

Mental breakdown:

Alone by Creed & Tool
One of Creed's better slow songs in my honest opinion, and a pretty good mental breakdown song. Oh yeah, and I like the band Tool, not because of their music, but because their name sounds like stoole. w00t.
(She told me I was living in the past/ I'm alone/ Now I turn to face the cold/ Never want to spend my life alone)


Santa Monica by Theory of a Deadman
Kinda a cool way to picture a driving scene. Like the character realises his mistake and drives off to find the girl in the rain, or the snow, or the desert, or some really tragic weather. Possibly not a hurricane or a tornado.
(I think I'm on my way/ It just won't go away/ You left me to remain)


Tribute by Tenacious D
Funny tune to play during a flashback. Gets weird especially during the shiney demon part of the song.

Getting Back Together:

The First Cut Is The Deepest by Sheryl Crow
Not bad for a get back together song. Picture a scene where the main character finally tracked and traced his runaway ex-girlfriend to a crowded subway station and finds her in the crowd with her bags and her pet cat wrapped around her neck. I say the cat bit because I didn't want this part to resemble the You And Me video by Lifehouse.
(I still want you by my side/ I'm sure going to give you a try/ If you wanna try to love again, baby I'll try to love again)


Drops of Jupiter by Train
A bit too mellow for a wedding song, especially in a movie, but I guess it's kinda more like a first-first-dance-for-the-married-couple kind of thing.
(Can you immagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken/ The best soy latte...and me)

Birth of Child:

Beautiful by Snoop Dogg, Pharrell and Uncle Charlie
The song title really describes this event best although the motive of it just doesn't quite cut it. But good stuff la.

Final Battle:

Like Light To Flies by Trivium
Not as good as the last fight song la. But this kinda best symbolises the last battle and defeat of the big boss or something.

Death Scene:

Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson

Funeral Song:

Through Glass by Stone Sour
O.O Creepy song to play at a funeral. Period.

End Credits:

Ridin' Dirty by Chamillionaire
The best way to end a movie la! Put it this way, it's a good song to play during the bloopers section of the credits.

At the end of the story, if this is how the soundtrack to my autobiography movie is gonna go, then i really don't mind it at all.
It's kinda like a cool movie about ambition, heartbreak and also possibly alot of laughs. The ending could be better though, based on the soundtrack.

So if a big Hollywood director is reading this, please make my movie! You have the soundtrack, now all you need is a plot, a storyline and someone handsome enough to play the title character. Nuff said.


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